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Faolan’s Journals

Faolan’s Journal Entries
Written by Jimmie McCann

Faolan’s Journal – Entry 37
Lately we’ve found ourselves traveling with this collection of humans and ulven that came
across us on their way into Whiteoak territory to raid some of the weaker outposts for supplies before winter hits full force. At first we were just glad for the company since we had been on the road by ourselves for so long, but had little interest in participating in their raids. We didn’t feel that the ulven clans that were against the colonists, needed any more reasons to want the colonists gone.
Discussions around the nightly fires allowed us to get updated on what had been happening between the clans, and what we learned was more disturbing than previous news we had heard. We were also offered a safe haven at the outpost this group had originated from, and at the home of part of this group that call themselves Rangers of Crow’s Landing. With the increasing tensions between the ulven and the colonists, and between the clans on opposite sides of the issue, we realized how valuable a single safe haven could be, let alone two.
The one who appears to be the leader of the Rangers also showed a great interest in the Arcane, but lacked some of the skill necessary to harness its power. He has a book with a wealth of information about the Arcane that I am eager to get a closer look at.

At last, the raiding party finally came to the edge of Whiteoak territory, and we had to make a decision on whether or not to join them. Now, on the eve of our first raid I can only hope that Sapphira and I made the correct choice and we will come out the other side of this better off.

Faolan’s Journal – Entry 41
WE MADE IT, just barely. With the help of a group of humans from the raiding party that call themselves the Brotherhood of the Long Winter we managed to escape Whiteoak territory with more than just our lives.
Once we were finally out, we decided to go our own way for a bit. We had some decisions to
make. Do we want to throw our lot in with the coalition? Would we really have a choice in the end? How much longer would we be able to survive on our own with so many ulven siding against the colonist? We knew that we would need a place to weather the coming storm to have any chance of surviving. I must also admit that curiosity influenced my decision. I want to know all of what Crow’s Landing, the Rangers, and Tobias have to offer. Then, there is the odd character that popped into existence just outside the raiding camp while we were in Whiteoak territory. According to his own story, he recalled from Faedrun, seventy years ago. If he is to be believed, if one could survive seventy years in the mana stream, he could have some of the answers I have been seeking. If he does not have
my answers, he has at least shown to have some abilities that I think would be useful to learn. He also seems almost too eager to obtain students to teach. Last I saw, he was on his way to Crow’s Landing with Tobias and the Rangers. Regardless of my curiosity, we needed a place to get off the road for a while and Crow’s Landing would get us a little bit further away from Whiteoak.
With that, we are setting out for Crow’s Landing

Faolan’s Journal – Entry 43
About a day out from Crow’s Landing we caught up with the Rangers and our odd friend from the past on their way to the village. The rumors of the road were that bandits were closing in, looking for easy scores. Tobias offered us a bit of coin to help secure the road to Crow’s Landing. We quickly found out the rumors of bandits were indeed true, but we were successful in sending them on their way. The wiser ones went to their next target, the rest were sent to whatever awaits in the great beyond. This also offered an opportunity to learn more about this odd mage, Vazra, and his intentions, and study his skills. If nothing else, fighting beside him showed me that I would not want to fight against him, but our conversations also revealed that he may be someone we can trust… tentatively.
I have heard Tobias and Vazra discussing, at length, building a mage’s college in Crow’s Landing. It would seem that the college would be part of a payment for teaching Tobias with the rest of the payment being ‘supplying” students for the college. Sapphira and I also took Vazra up on an offer for a place in this college as Archons. With Sapphira’s alchemy, we might have just found a place where our usefulness won’t run out anytime soon.
For now, we are alive, off the road, and in Crow’s Landing waiting to see what Tobias and the Rangers have in store for us, and what Vazra has planned with us. With Sapphira able to do some harvesting, and now having a chance to replenish her stocks I feel that we are on a good path so far.

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