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Fallyn Lodestone

Character Pictures-


Played by: Chris Tenime
Name: Fallyn Lodestone
Gender: Male
Race: Syndar
Hair: Bald
Known Skills:
Notable Traits:
Relationships: Travels with Freya.

Character History- Old world and New world

Fallyn Lodestone is a Syndar from the mountains to the North of Faedrun. He is descended from Falltyr Lodestone, son of Lidian Lodestone, son of Faean Lodestone, son of Lyrid Loestun. His mother was Aerllyn Springwater, daughter of Aeris Springwater.

Fallyn was a bright and happy cub, and was very sociable with the other young in his tribe. He had two younger brothers and three sisters, one of them older than he, and got along with them very well. His father was a brave warrior, and he wished to be just like him. Falltyr fell in one of the final battles against the humans of Faedrun, when Fallyn was still young (by Syndar standards). He was devastated by this loss. When peace returned to Faedrun, Aerllyn took her cubs down out of the mountains to live with relatives near a human encampment, hoping her children would not harbor resentment for the death of their father.

Though Fallyn forgave the humans, his younger brother, Aeryth, did not. He became bitter and often tried to run away, but Fallyn always went after him, and brought him home.

Fallyn trained in the ways of his clan; archery. He became very adept at using a bow, and was quite skilled, though, had problems with further targets. As he got older, he provided for his family by hunting and trading for them. The humans of the nearby town even learned to accept him as one of their own, as he would share his spoils when plentiful. He even helped lead worship ceremonies for Lunara, the Goddess of the Moon.

The Lodestone family ignored the ghost stories beginning to sweep through Faedrun, and simply continued to live their lives. One night, though, the oldest daughter, Lythia, was attacked by an unknown assailant. Though her wounds seemed superficial, they quickly became infected and she passed one stormy night. Fallyn had to bury her. The Syndar comforted each other, and everything became quiet afterwards. Fallyn even met a female Syndar, from one of the other families in their clan who left the mountains with them, and they fell in love.

One night, while getting firewood, the youngest girl, Aellyn, discovered their sister’s burial had been disturbed. Hurrying back to tell her brothers about the graverobbing, she ran into Lythia, walking around, though still decaying! The elder feasted on the younger, whose screams drew the boys to her. Aeryth became enraged and rushed his departed siblings, and the one who still moved bit into him. He pleaded with Fallyn to end his misery before their undead sister did. Fallyn hesitated, so Aeryth begged once again. Brushing the tears from his face, Fallyn put both his brother and sister down, with arrows to their foreheads. The male Syndar rushed back to their mother and last sister, and broke the news.

Within the next few days, more and more undead began to pour into the nearby towns. Fallyn was called to fight alongside his clansmen and the human soldiers to fight back this plague of horrid creatures. Though his brother, Rell, tried to join them, he was too young and Aerllyn kept her youngest boy to keep her and Fissi safe.

Fallyn’s outpost had become overrun with undead, and many of his comrades-in-arms were killed or abducted, but still he fought. His arms burned, but as long as he had arrows, he would not stop. During a siege, screams outside the walls were heard, which drew the hordes away. Fallyn’s keen eyesight could see his lovemate being carried off by a group of zombies. She had only come to bring him a care package from his family. His fellow warriors had to keep Fallyn from going after her, and soon her screams for him faded into the night, though his did not cease for days.

Though word was delivered often about other settlements being attacked, the undead did not visit the camp again. Fallyn was called to the gates one morning to meet his mother & siblings. They had gotten news of a mass exodus to another continent to the East.

While other Syndar returned to the mountains, Fallyn bid his friends goodbye, and joined his family on a ship to Mardrun. They arrived to a new colony being formed. It was called “Newhope.”

Not long after settling into their new home, news came of a race of bestial barbarians calling themselves the Ulven attacking colonists who ventured too far outside Newhope for food or water. They rarely left survivors, and the wounds they inflicted were always so severe, that those did not last long anyways.

Though Fallyn made sure his kin stayed within the town limits, Aerllyn was strong-willed, and had centuries more experience than her cub. One day, she went out to the fields to pick grains with some of the other human & Syndar women of the colony, but none of them returned home. Upon learning this, Fallyn rushed out to her, bow in hand. But he was too late. He stumbled across the Ulven finishing off the last of their kill. Enraged, he fired arrows into the crowd, but he missed one. The sole survivor rushed him, slashing his left eye. Fallyn buckled over in pain, and the barbarian kneed him in the face, his spiked kneeguard puncturing the Syndar’s right cheek, and knocking him to the ground. Soon, the Ulven was on top of him, blade at his throat. Fallyn managed to stop it from going in too far, and pushed his attacker up off him. Unfortunately, the Ulven used this opportunity to bite Fallyn’s right middle finger off. Despite the pain almost blinding him, he pulled his side dagger out of his belt, and slit the tribesman’s throat. The Syndar stumbled over to his mother’s corpse, and cradled it for hours.

Distraught that he had failed to protect her, and ashamed that the loss of his eye and finger meant that he could never fire a bow again, he exiled himself from Newhope, his clansmen, and his younger siblings, leaving them in the care of their fellow Syndar. He wandered into the wilderness of Mordrun, and disappearred for months.

Newhope developed a truce with the Ulven, their ancient enemy, the Mordok, began to resurface, and contact with Faedrun dried up. Broken, angry, untrusting and faithless, Fallyn returns to the growing colony. Though scarred and even tattooed now, Rell and Fissi welcome him back with open arms. He may be changed, but he still has his family to watch over. He’s failed them in the past, and must make up for his absence, but he won’t fail them again. He can’t.

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