PLAYED BY: Brittni Smith
GENDER: Female
CLASS: Rogue
AGE: 31 (Born Year 240)
RACE: Ulven
HAIR: Ginger
EYES: Hazel
OCCUPATION: Hunter, Merchant, Craftsman
KNOWN SKILLS: Leatherworking, mild blacksmithing, hunting, basic first aid, survival.
BIRTHPLACE: The Great Forest (Location of base camp for the nomadic pack at the time)
APPEARANCE: Tends to wear roughened clothing from living out of doors(Will wear nice when Marrah insists). Hair is generally up and out of her face in one form or another. Scars litter her exposed skin.
RELATIONSHIPS: Marrah (close friend)

Eldrid was born into a nomadic pack of Ulven, a collective of families that many generations ago left their clans for various reasons and joined together instead. They had no set territory that they stayed in but rotated through the various clan territories throughout the years and seasons. There were standard agreements with each clan for how they would assist along with bartering with the locals. An example would be in the fall to aid Goldenfield with the harvest for shelter through the rough winters, Aid in hunting to provide, craftwork to build stores, helping re-build a village after a disaster, joining bands to chase off Mordok, etc. For many generations, this was the practice causing all members to have a robust education on many trades and facets of culture. In this Eldrid found her calling with the hunting and crafting branch of her family, not being one for fighting unless necessary. The religious culture within the pack was varied from the many influences from the various clans they both stayed in and came from. Two individuals from the same family group could give you two different answers. One thing is certain though, it was not the traditional rigid thought of the sedentary clans.

This being said her young life was fairly ordinary by all accounts until the Civil war broke out among the Ulven. She and her family were aware of what was happening as was in the process of leaving Grimward territory before everything broke out and they would be drafted into a war they wanted no part in. Their terms for Grimward in years prior was to answer the call to arms when it came out; before this had meant helping to clear out bandits or rally against a group of Mordok who made it south. Unfortunately for Eldrid and her family, they did not succeed and they were drafted into Pack Greytide. This time was chaos and sorrow for Eldrid, they were all taught Grimward battle tactics and then thrown into the front lines of a war that was not theirs.

This time is her memory is painful and she tries not to revisit it as much as possible but one can not forget the horrors of battle and seeing not only your allies but also your family slaughtered before you due to the reckless actions of Greytide. This is when her belief in the Ulven honor system broke, setting the 25yr old up with the mentality of “This is where honor got them, burned in a pile for someone else’s war.” Eldrid seemed to be the only survivor of her wandering pack and has continued to keep her traditions alive as best she can with the new way of life that is her world now.

For the next 4 years, she survived, hunted, and worked to keep going. A large chunk of those four years was her alone in the comfort of the Great Forest as she worked to piece her mental and spiritual wellbeing back to a functioning place, and commonly spending winters in Goldenfield, working her leather craft to make items to sell the rest of the year when she was not in the Great forest.

In 269 things began to change for the better, Eldrid was growing quite sick of being alone. One day at a market a friendly Syndar approached her booth, after a bit of bargaining and conversation she was invited to Marrah’s tavern to continue their conversation later. After the market closed Eldrid searched out and found the tavern in question, on entering she was greeted warmly and the conversation about trade, life, and the goings-on resumed. It did not take long before Eldrid began to tag along with the caravan as it traveled from place to place. This soon led to her joining the UCUM at its founding and finding a place for herself again. Eldrid still travels more than she stays in Fristad, but she has a place to call home now and a new chapter can start.

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