Name: Ekka
Player: Ethan Novy
Age: 32
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Wife: Irma
Child: Emily
Mother: Unknown Since Birth
Father: Deceased years ago
Brother: Wilson (Formerly an Alchemist, gone mad)
Sister: Bertha (Fat Whore)

History: As the Plague landed over Faedrun Ekka and his family had to fight for their survival, watching in horror as the people surrounding them dwindled away the plagues became immeasurable. Wilson in his lacking state of mind, though a genius he was became mad, his concoctions slowly became debilitating not only to him but to those around him. It was around this time that Bertha herself after watching her husband and children fall to the hordes that she left the small village to become a town whore. Slowly in her depression, she gained weight, yet to those who still saw size as a measure of wealth, she was still found attractive.

As the years went by for Ekka, he watched his family’s dwindling sanity, at first he thought he may have been exempt, he was still doing well learning the arcane arts, and growing in power as a mage. In his studies he met the lovely, Irma. He was taken with her charm and magical abilities quite fast. Their first encounter of actual conversation went…less than stellar, both were shy and quite unaccustomed to starting the conversation. But it was that awkward encounter that made a romance blossom.

Two years later, they found themselves on a boat sailing to the world of Mardrun. The ships that had returned told of land, and in their haste to save the new family they had grown, they left. Quite to Ekka’s surprise, his sister and brother sailed over on the same ship. It took them many months to reach their destination, but it was a nice journey. After being introduced to his family Irma became sick, often throwing up in the morning. They soon discovered that Ekka would be a father!!!

The initial in fighting between the Colonists and the Ulven people was brutal, it took Ekka longer than he had liked to have their small two bedroom home built a stones throw away from the village. Later this year, his lovely baby Emily was born. With her clerical abilities, Irma was helping the townspeople often and keeping a steady flow of silver in their pockets. Ekka, took to selling wares, and trading goods that they could not buy for the house. As Emily grew he made her outfits to wear around the town on their daily walks. The Plagues quickly came back to haunt them, often Ekka would wake in his sleep, weapon drawn to some unearthly noise his dreams conjured. The nightmares slowly worsened, it was only from his dear Irma that he kept a hold on his mind for so long. Her gentle words, and cleric arts calmed the storm brewing in his mind. But it only lasted so long.

The many bells stationed in the center of the village rang out their shrill cries, mordok crawled through the village hacking their way through any that they saw, though disorganized they caught the small hamlet off guard. Panic ensued as people ran into the woods, into the village hunters traps that had been laid out for the night. Calling his arcane arts to him Ekka fought the creatures from his home until his vision became black.

As the sun slowly pulled itself over the sky, Ekka was woken by the towns pastor. All the man could muster was a woeful glance back to his hut. The door sat ajar, and a tiny hand poked out from behind it. Lurching for the door the pastor held him back, “You mustn’t look, keep their living faces with your memory, and all will be well, child.” Forcing his magic outward Ekka thrown the man off him and charged into the hut. Slipping through the door he grabbed onto the hand of his daughter, it was colder than ice. Pulling her into his arms he looked around in a haste for his wife. Stumbling, child in hand to their bedroom, he saw her. Leaning against the window she almost looked alive, save for the splashing of blood that arced from her head over the glass pane.

He broke, as a few of the townspeople came to help him, to clean and prepare the bodies for burial. It took them hours before he relinquished his daughter from his arms. Hoping with all his strength they would just wake up. A few days later, he disappeared from the town, almost all his belongings still inside the house.


UPDATE: In late summer of the year 265, an expedition was formed up and sent into the swamp to investigate the failed settlement outpost of Pack Blackwing. Ekka volunteered to go and during a heavy skirmish with the Mordok, he was wounded. As his allies watched in horror, a potent Mordok spellcaster reached Ekka and used magic to transmute both of their bodies and recall through the mana stream, far removed from any help. A hunter later confirmed finding the corpse of a human, it’s bones covered with teeth marks and picked clean, and a soiled pile of clothes in the remains matching the description of Ekka.

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