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Echo Nightriver

Echo has lived a fruitful life with her mother for many years, she barely knew her father, only because she had only met him five times in her life. As to her and her mother, Tiresia, he had the pack to take care of, and with that came responsibilities. Hardly in their area much anymore, as it was known to their little family he still had work to do and apparently the whole pack to lead. Unknown to them, their entire territory and their family would be caught up in war.

Through her childhood Tiresia taught Echo many things, trekking through dense forest while there family village moved it’s location, showing her the herbs, animals, and plants along the way. Though whenever her mother would go out she was always left with the family’s best archer, Calliope, who taught her to lodge arrows into even the most narrow of spaces. Showing her how to draw, knock, and pull while hidden by brush, or simply working on how silently she could move by playing games of hide and seek. Though as she became familiar with her bow she found it difficult to arch the natural right handed style, and later came to find that her style was of a lefty. All while they’d train they would find things for village healers and Daughters of Gaia to use for helping or trading. As time went on her usual day would consist of playing with the other children in her village while they settled into the new permanent location closer to the rest of the heart of the Nightriver clan. Echo would sometimes do chores for her mother in between building up the new foundations, chopping wood, fetching objects, and catching games between resetting traps.

As years kept going by Echo grew tired of the village life, she wanted adventure, she wished for a way to get out and to see everything. Yearning for travel she confided in her mother, telling her of the wonderful and exciting things she wanted to see, about learning everything there was out there and to explore all over Mardrun. At this, her mother was both full of joy and sorrow as she told her of the Guardians, a group dedicated to not only protection but learning. Echo’s mother had met several of their members of the years and learned of their ideals and goals and knew that her daughter would fit in well with them. After giving her a pendant special of the family she pushed her to get ready, because in a year she would be moving on her own ways.

The year started slowly, Echo hunted with the hunters of several packs to ready her feet for the runs that lay ahead, she improved her archery with the bow her father left in the mantle of their home, a long cherrywood beauty with a leather wrapped handle.

Right before Echo was to leave, she was delayed when her mother came down with a fever. In her delusional state, she made a vague mention of a possible half brother, missing now for years. Echo didn’t know if it was a simple dream or if there was truth to it. Soon after the fever broke, her mother gave her no more information and avoided the subject. With her health returning, Echo’s mother arranged to have Echo travel with the Guardians until she could make contact with the other packs in Clan Nightriver. She hopes to find more information on her supposed half brother and learn more information and lore along the way as she journeys and explores the dangerous land of Mardrun.

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