Double – [Baronet] [Renowned]

PLAYED BY: Shawn Smith



AGE: 30

RACE: Human

HAIR: Dirty blonde color with a thinning shaggy/messy appearance

EYES: Hazel

OCCUPATION: Active Information Gatherer

KNOWN SKILLS: Getting people to talk.

BIRTHPLACE: A small contested area on the May’Kar border, where Sojourners were known to set up camp.

APPEARANCE: Average looks, taller in appearance and a heavier build. Often found in non-descript clothing. Usually wearing a cloak, hat, and clothes, in neutral or Earth tone colors.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Ability to fade away into a crowd after getting what he needs.

RELATIONSHIPS: Neutral to positive with most faction leaders and adventurers. Right hand man to Oryn Neowyrd, “One” and often at ends, with Tyden Resborn, “Tre.” Close friend, to a female Sojourner, Korri

RUMORS: “He’s more than just a Rogue…”

“Who names their kid Double? That can’t be his real name…”

“Willing to do ANYTHING, for a safer tomorrow.”


His mother, Ceria, was a powerful healer in the May’Kar army on Faedrun and known for using various herbs and her cleric arts. While his father, Kyvik, was a mid-level Sojourner mage who often deciphered various texts the army found out about the undead. The two met after Ceria acquired rare herbs from Kyvik’s Sojourner family.

“Double” often moved around as a kid, traveling in the army with his parents and being exposed to new people, places, ideologies, and cultures. He even participated in a few battles with the undead, but often in support fashion. That childhood, with his mom’s passion for helping others and his father’s love for solving puzzles, made for a unique background in his current occupation.

Even though his parents seemed strong, when the May’Kar army fell (he was almost fifteen years old at the time) and Faedrun was overrun with undead, the choice was made for them. They had to leave for Mardrun. After arriving on Mardrun with little fanfare, they became familiar with Wyrn Neowyrd, a merchant who ran several successful stores. Seeing how his son Oryn was occasionally targeted by bandits who tried to extort him, Wyrn hired Ceria and Kyvik to watch over him and gave them jobs running one of his stores. “Double” would help-out and learn some of the trade and play with Oryn. For the most part, things went fairly smoothly.

Trouble came through a few years after they landed, when Double was about eighteen. While delivering packages and running late after stopping to talk with a Syndar who knew about his family, he hurried back to find the shop in flames. Fearing his parents were still in there, he rushed in and discovered his parents were being attacked by two unknown figures looking for Oryn. Before he could do anything, a dust explosion knocked him out. He was only saved by the intervention of the merchants’ caravan leader, a skilled mage called Valyk Resborn, who transported them out of the building before it collapsed in flames.

Double learned later, as Valyk lay dying, that his parents told him to rescue him and forget about them. Though Double tried to heal Valyk, he just wasn’t able to, and Valyk died. His son Tyden, having arrived at precisely the wrong moment and seeing his father dead, recalled Kyvik threatening to fire them earlier in the day at the store and hurled a blast of mana at Double that threw him against a wall they were nearest. He was knocked out for the second time that day.

Oryn Neowyrd soon discovered what had happened after seeing the remains of his family store. Though bandits had previously threatened the Neowyrd shop and the family, it was Oryn’s connections with his father and the mysterious information-gathering group Agnosco that actually resulted in the fatal fire. Two burned bodies were discovered in the wreckage of the shop, but there was no way of knowing whether the bodies were of the attackers or Double’s parents.

With few other options and a thirst for knowledge, Double was recruited into Agnosco. He soon found he had a talent for the work requested of him. As the colonies continued to expand and new threats emerged, information was a valuable commodity.

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