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Stanrick Longfang



Dennagrath Looked out over the hill looking down at the Outpost, for the last 7 years He had made his home with the Longfangs, and proven time and Time again to be a warrior worthy of the name. He had left his old home and pack so he could help raise his 6-year-old son and too be with his mate. He was old now almost 60 yet the fire never left his eyes. In his old pack he was a craftsman and carpenter before joined his chieftain to venture to the Dirge swamp. They stayed at the outpost, and that was where he met Yoredon Longfang, his skills had gained her attention when he returned from the swamp with a Longfang hunting party, if he would have passed away that night the great wolf would know his name. But what made her pick him was his skills with a knife for 2 weeks he carefully made figures for her out of wood, the last on was a male and female ulven with a pup, as she studied them by fire light she saw it was her self and him. 7 mouths later she had her pup, a boy non-the less. Dennagrath joined the pack and became a full Longfang. He smiled at the outpost happy to have it be his home then turned to look at his son. “Stanrick!!! Its dead you will break the mace if you keep hitting it like that!” the 6 year old pup had 4 notches on the mace handle and this Mordok would make it 5. But with the first 4 his father never saw the fear that young Stanrick had in his eyes.
“What’s wrong pup?” he asked picking him up and holding him close.
“What if it gets back up? I want it t stay dead!” Dennagrath tilted his head and looked closely at the deformed Mordok. “I don’t think he’s getting up you killed him dead.”
Stanrick grabbed tight not wanting to look at the body. “It did in my dream. I was big and strong and so was little Harlok we killed an army of Mordok in the night with others by our side’s but they got back up and we killed them again! I had a little brother and mommy died, but you weren’t there and some green person fighting with us! We killed them over and over but they got up again!” he stopped talking to take a breath. Dennagrath laughed. “That is quite a dream! A green person you say was he an ulven or Mordok?”
Stanrick push away and jumped down turned to the bloody pile of Mordok and gave it a kick. “SHE was not a Mordok, or a Ulven.” His father laughed again. “Ok, ok I understand. Lets burn this Mordok and head home ok? Like I always say fire fixes everything.” Stanrick ran around getting sticks and brush and making a pier for the Mordok. The pup took his flint and hit it with a knife starting the fire, as the flames consumed the body Stanrick pulled at his fathers pant leg. “Daddy why do we burn the Mordok? We don’t honor them as fallen warriors do we?” Dennagrath tussled the pup’s hair. “No pup, but see the ash? From the death Gaia will bring life, trees will grow here Tall and strong. If we let it rot it, his blood will kill the trees.” Stanrick watched the flames as he cut a new notch in his mace. The sun set and as the fire died off the little ulven drifted to sleep. His father picked him up and took him home. “Sleep well pup, the dead do not walk.”

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