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December 265 – News and Rumors

In many ways, Newhope has drawn the attention of Mardrun in recent weeks. The protests which devolved into violence in the Plague District outside the city’s walls has raised eyebrows, both in favor of the city guard in quieting the situation before more blood was shed, and in favor of the refugees, who many believe acted inappropriately, though understandably considering their plight. In the end, a few of the corrupted succumbed to their wounds and the harsh winter weather, though most could be saved and once again promised a cure. Unfortunately, time has been running out for these poor souls, and unless a simpler cure is found soon, there may be no saving them. To this end, Celestial Arragones has paired with Baron Richards and the Daughters of Clan Riverhead to ask for aid from those skilled in the ways of non-magical healing to come to the city and help treat the corrupted through the winter in exchange for payment from the Celestial herself. As always, assistance with the research is still in high demand, as well.

Across the city, however, attentions are focused elsewhere. While Celestial Arragones has her hands full working towards the cure and has been backed by Lord Baron Richards’ considerable resources, their projects are far from alone in Newhope: Marquess Madeline continues to push for support for her expedition through the Dirge Swamp, hoping to send a group north in the coming months to blaze the trail, with the thought that the winter will make the ground easier for wagons to handle, and will drive the Mordok into hiding for warmth. In particular, she has expressed a strong need for a map or guide through the swamp, one which proves reliable in this trip, and is willing to pay handsomely should such an item be procured and verified. In the wake of such horrific events which have transpired recently, it would seem that the weight of Duke Joakim Ventrini, Lictor Mary cul-Tricuspis, and Dominet Martingale have each been thrown towards the entertainment and morale of their fine city, rather than the darkness outside her walls: Together they have been working to secure a large enough tract of land and shipment of supplies to begin construction on an arena, hoping that doing so will distract the populace and keep them content. Little more is known about this project, as it seems development has been stalled as the three disagree about key details. Although the Lord Baron has seemingly made his priorities clear at the moment, he has announced a celebratory dinner to be held in February, in which cases might be made for other ventures as well.

Caught between attacks in the north and the south, Clan Whiteoak has made it clear that they are quite grateful to those who have lent them aid, though they still fear it may not be enough. While more troops would be welcomed and fed to the best of their ability, High Priestess Helka Whiteoak has made it clear that their stores are dwindling quickly with the onset of winter, and shipments of food and supplies is critically needed.

As Nightriver scouts report the completion of the fortifications within the Wolf’s Hackles Pass, Grimward comes forward with an announcement of their own: They have been following the movements of small bands of Mordok in the Hackles; a disturbing enough revelation considering the season. These reports have been corroborated by Clan Ironmound, who has made a note of large numbers of Mordok moving north along the mountains, though seemingly no farther.

Although they have found cause for joy with the progress made towards a cure for the corruption, Clan Spiritclaw’s morale has been tempered by tragedy. A warpack bound for Clan Whiteoak never reached its destination. Three young warriors returned from the forest, thankful to be home, though they brought tales seemingly out of a nightmare. They claim they were beset by a tribe of Mordok, in numbers they have not yet seen in one place. The others were savagely mauled when they tried to fight, and the three were commanded to run by their chieftain, so that word of the event might reach the rest of Mardrun. No one has ventured into the Great Forest as of yet to confirm or refute these claims, and it would seem that a number of their fellow villagers do not believe their story and have accused them of simply being cowards.

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