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Darren Thunder-Hammer

Player Name: Truman Shortridge
Character name: Darren Thunder-hammer
Character age: 16
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric
Race: Human
Occupation: Lion-in-Training of the Order of Arnath’s light
Known Skills: Armor prof, Improved armor prof, Shield prof, Improved shield prof, Divine casting 1, Meditation
Birth Place: One of the last ships from Faedrun


Darren was born on one of the last ships leaving Faedrun. His father, Joseph Thunder-hammer died fighting on the dock as their ship sailed away. He was a well respected cleric and commander for the Order. When Darren was born few members of the Order knew that he was the son of the great warrior, who had just died for them, and that his mother was a Syndar. His mother, Arya Darkwater, who hated the majority of the order, was fierce and led a mutiny against them for the poor conditions she felt her son and brethren didn’t deserve to live under.
While the ship carrying the infant Darren, and his mother arrived on Mardrun they were met by several Lions. But just before their ship was captured Arya strapped a visored helm to her head to hide her ears. The battle was long and hard, however the mutineers were tired from the long voyage and the angry lions had fresh armor and weapons and butchered everyone except Arya, who told them that Joseph was Darrens father and in an effort to save his life gave him to the Lions. Then she slit her own throat and threw herself overboard, and let her chain mail drag her to the bottom of the harbor, Or so he was led to believe by an eagle that was aboard and saw the whole ordeal.
The Lions brought Darren back to Starkhaven where they trained him in the ways of Combat and divine magic. Darren was a very quiet obedient recruit, while the rest of the boys in Starkhaven his age would be getting into trouble and getting flogged for it, Darren would be quietly brooding over books and scrolls. Since he was old enough to pick up a book Darren studied hard and read as much as he could. He would spend days in the library at a time and on more than one occasion he would have to be reminded to eat. Only when it was time to learn to fight would he leave the library. He was not as good at fighting, and the other recruits would mock him for this. Until one night when Darren and the other boys were eight, the other boys decided to sneak out of the keep and go steal some cupcakes from the local market outside the walls of Starkhaven. This was a normal thing that they would do, however they never invited Darren so this night Darren decided to follow them and see where they went. On this very night a group of Mordok had the same idea as the boys, however they weren’t there for cup cakes, and pastries. Darren followed the boys to the bakery where the baker had left the door unlocked, Darren watched from behind a barrel as the four boys snuck in and out of the shop giggling and stuffing their faces with cake. But their glee soon turned to looks of terror as three fully grown Mordok jumped from the roof above them and surrounded the boys. Darren watched in terror as the three massive axe wielding beasts closed in on the four boys who had tormented him his whole life, but he couldn’t sit there and do nothing. In a blinding flare of holy light one of the creatures was sent reeling as Darren leapt over the barrel, hammer in hand and threw himself into one of the Mordok and took it to the ground. As the two grappled they battered each other, although Darren managed to prevail. The four boys surrounded one of the two remaining ones and stabbed it to death with knives then ran back to the keep as Darren fought the last remaining one.
The next morning Darren’s body was found barely alive amidst the three dead Mordok, none of the guards had seen them enter the settlement and the four recruits said nothing about the night before, but they knew that they were alive because of Darren. The clerics were able to nurse Darren back to life.

Six years later Darren Thunder-hammer has redoubled his devotion to become a Lion of the Order of Arnath’s Light. He has since been given a full suit of plate armor and tower shield and has pledged to rid the world of all evil, all he knows of undead are just stories, but he swears to destroy everything that destroyed his father…

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