PLAYED BY: Sarah Zautke


GENDER: Female

CLASS: Cleric

AGE: 28

RACE: Syndar

HAIR: Short Brown

EYES: Brown


KNOWN SKILLS: Healing the wounded

BIRTHPLACE: Some human villiage in Faedrun

APPEARANCE: Usually seen wearing red and black

RELATIONSHIPS: Longtime friend of Oak Harrison and long lost love of Elijah Cole


Growing up wasn’t that glamorous, except that I got to see the world, or what I thought was the world at the time. I had no idea growing up that the reason we only visited human villages and settlements was because my parents were wanted by the syndar community. It was a dream to play outside for hours, meeting new people every month or so, depending on how long my parents decided to stay in one place. My mother was a healer and my father a merchant.

I remember this one time when I was twelve, I was playing with these two girls who had ears like mine, which I’ve never played with anyone like that before. They seemed so elegant, even though they were dressed the same as me. They liked to play puzzle games, which I love playing. The following day on a walk with my parents, we ran into the girls and their parents and found out that they were ambassadors from a royal syndar family. That was the first time I had learned the truth of what had happened to make ‘us’ outlaws of the syndar community. We immediately ran back to our little home, packed up everything, and left as soon as possible. My mother had told me that she had fallen in love with the wrong person, and now they wanted her dead.

Shortly after that, we heard news of the undead spreading throughout Faedrun. We started traveling towards the ocean, where these ships would be to take us to a new land free of undead. We waited many months to be able to board a boat. Finally one had enough room for us. We had to sell everything since there was no room on the boat for it all.

A few weeks into the trip I found these two boys who let me play with them. We became fast friends. Elijah was the nicest person there. I will admit that I had a massive crush on him, but never showed it. The three of us were inseparable for the rest of the trip. But all good things must come to an end, at least that’s how it has always been for me, and I had to go with my parents while they went on with their lives.

A few days after we landed in the new world, my parents went to try and find us safe ride to a nearby village to find work. They had been gone all day and told me to stay in the room we were renting. It was boring waiting for them to return. When it got dark outside, I decided to go down to the docks for a walk. I laid down in the sand to look up at the night sky. A few minutes later, the dark night turned red. Red lights in the sky all around. Then shouting and people fighting everywhere. There was more of the invaders than guards fighting them off. The battle did not last very long, I was frozen in fright and couldn’t move, only watch. I didn’t understand anything that was happening around me, especially when two men grabbed me. They tied my hands behind my back and gagged me. Tried as much as I could to break free, but couldn’t. They pretty much just carried me back to their small boat, tying me to one of the wooden seats and put a bag over my head.

I waited for anyone to come save me, but no one did. The boat was loaded with crates and more men before leaving shore. I heard shouting in the distance that was steadily getting louder. Shortly they were hauling me up a ladder and onto the deck. Orders were given to take me down to the hold with the other slaves. I was dropped on the floor before the bag was removed from my head. I looked around, there were three boys with me in front of this big man with years of stains on his shirt and pants. He assigned the boys to scrubbing the floors. I got the job of cleaning dishes, clothes, or anything else they wanted clean.

Over the years, I was promoted to different positions, each giving me more freedom on the ship. Eventually able to go ashore with the men. One night the captain decided to get really drunk, with the help of his first mate. Long after the bar was closed, the crew was making their way back to the ship, I saw the first mate leading the captain down a dark alley away from the docks. Having not felt like drinking, I followed the two of them. I stayed in the shadows, thats when I saw the first mate pull a sword on the captain, but he was too drunk to realize what was happening. I quickly ran up and used a flare spell to knock him away, he dropped his sword in his drunkenness, that I picked it up and stabbed him in the heart with it. The captain saw what I did for him and promoted me on the spot to be his new first mate.

When we got back to the ship, the captain made an announcement, “If any of you fuckers try to kill me again, I’ll have you walk the plank!” He started to walk away then turned back, “Oh yeah, that bitch is my new first mate!”

I only held that title for two years before I wanted out. And the only way off his ship was the plank. I tried to think of a cunning way to make it the captain’s idea to let me go. One night I came up with a game of strength. If I won, he had to let me go, if he won, I would stay and be his slave in bed. This was one game I refused to loose. But in the end I won, and won back my freedom. I had lost 8 years on that forsaken ship.

The first thing I did was try and find Elijah. Eventually I did find him, but he had a wife and was happy. I spent a few nights catching up on old times, but he had a life to get back to. I moved on, trying to find work. I tried to find out what had happened to my parents, but no one had ever heard of them.

Years later, Elijah has requested my assistance in a faction called the Crimson Shades Emporium. And here I am.

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