PLAYED BY: Adom Juarez




CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 37

RACE: Human

HAIR: Dark blond

EYES: Gray 

OCCUPATION: Traveling merchant and trader

KNOWN SKILLS: Bartering, reading/writing, cooking, astronomy, herbalism, animal care, languages

BIRTHPLACE: A tiny seaside village somewhere in southeast Vandregon, year 235

APPEARANCE:  Plump, eyeglasses, clothing gravitates toward traditional May’Kar finery in what might be deliberately provocative toward other colonists

NOTABLE TRAITS: Always wears a silver-and-sodalite ring on his left middle finger–“it’s an enchanted ring, and its charm wards against drowning.”

RUMORS: It is said that he may have reagents for sale!

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: Dahm was born in Faedrun, and spent the first nineteen years of his life there. His mother and father were both travelers–his mother, an herbalist, and his father, a merchant–who were staying in southern Vandregon for a season when his mother discovered she was pregnant. Rather than make the journey home to May’Kar, they opted to settle for a year or two in Vandregon, then return when it would be safer for mother and child to travel.

That decision saved the family’s lives, as, about two months after the baby was born, the May’Kar Dominion betrayed the world. Horrified at what their homeland had done, and not believing that their beloved king would ever cause so much death and suffering, the family opted to stay in Vandregon, turning all their efforts into producing and distributing medicines for the Vandregon armies. During this time, the family dropped their surname, to avoid the hostility they faced as May’Kar citizens.

When Vandregon fell, the family was once again lucky, and all three were able to get onto one of the ships fleeing Faedrun on account of the mother’s herbal skills and the family’s small cache of medicines.

Today, Dahm’s aged parents have settled just outside Newhope, where they continue their respective trades. As for Dahm, he has taken to the lifestyle his parents enjoyed, and spends most of his days traveling from one settlement to the next, trading goods with Syndar, Human, and Ulven alike. While he’s not as skilled as his mother, he has learned enough from her that he can craft simple remedies and cook well. From his father, he learned how to speak and read three different languages (with variable competency–he often embarasses himself in Syndarin), how to stitch a wound, and an appreciation for casual observation of the stars.

Having grown up without a connection to his own native culture, Dahm is exceptionally, sometimes defiantly, interested in anything May’Kar. (His dream is to one day keep his own camel!) This is not to say that he is nationalistic; Dahm, like his parents, struggles with the horror and shame of what the Dominion did, though the betrayal does not sting for him like it does his family. Nor is he xenophobic; Dahm grew up as a hated outsider, and so his mindset is that each person must be evaluated on their own actions and merits–he would even trade with the Mordok, in theory.

Dahm is quite fond of tea, cheese, and blackberries. He enjoys games of chance, cooking, and music from stringed instruments. He is not overly fond of peas.

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