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Corvian Goldfeather

PLAYED BY: Raven Moen 

CHARACTER NAME: Corvian Goldfeather, generally just goes by Goldfeather

GENDER: Woman 


CLASS: Rogue 

AGE: 25 

RACE: I’olarian Syndar 

EYES: one piercing blue eye 

OCCUPATION: Scavenger 

KNOWN SKILLS: fast talking, resourceful 

BIRTHPLACE: Faedrun, near Aldoria 

APPEARANCE: Patched together appearance, looks like she was raised on the edge of a battlefield but at home in marketplace. 

NOTABLE TRAITS: Fangs, the single blue eye 

RELATIONSHIPS: What relationships do you have other PCs and NPCs?


Goldfeather was born towards the end of the war. Orphaned before she could remember, her first memories are of running around the edges of battlefields, searching for rations while narrowly avoiding the undead. After years of scraping by, she realized she could get on better by selling whatever usable scrap she could find to whoever would take it. After years of this, Goldfeather caught wind of the ships making their way off of Faedrun. She hid herself amid a crowd of people clamoring to get on board, holding onto a stranger’s sleeve to appear like their daughter. 

The new continent provided ample opportunity to continue her scavenging. Whether it was collecting the remains of civil war battles or finding what she could from mordok skirmishes, the conflicts that sprang up always provided. When Goldfeather had familiarized herself with the Mardrun black market, the opportunities expanded.

Despite her skill in scavenging and success in the black market, Goldfeather’s passion lay in crafting. Watching the blacksmiths turn the busted scraps she’d find into beautiful weapons had given her a goal, to not only hoard but to make wealth. Until she can afford to start her own legitimate business, Goldfeather continues to go out following adventuring parties in hopes of finding her next opportunity. 

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