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Clan Whiteoak

Clan Whiteoak

Clanleader: Lamont Whiteoak
High Priestess: Helka Whiteoak
Warleader: Colborn Whiteoak

A smaller clan that frequently uses white markings on their face and has a strict caste system. Their insignia is two opposing white oak leaves.

Though smaller than many of the other Clans, Whiteoak is no stranger to warfare. Up until recently they had been locked into a generations long feud with Clan Axhound to their immediate southwest. For years no one truly remembered what started the feud, but it was eventually revealed that at one time the two clans were one under the name Axhound; though there are some competing stories about why Whiteoak split from the mother clan so long ago. Regardless, this feud to the south coupled with the Dirge Swamp border to the north has lead Clan Whiteoak to place a heavy emphasis on their martial prowess. When enemies sit at both doors the only answer is to arm up.

Clan Whiteoak was a staunch ally of Clan Grimward during the Ulven Civil War and they gave many warriors to the cause. No doubt the fact that Axhound had allied with Nightriver and the colonists played a large part in their decision to back Grimward.

Recent/Current Events:
Under the guise of acting in the best interest of their largest ally; Clan Whiteoak spent much of the war in direct conflict with their ancient foe, Clan Axhound. Though the year began in a rather uncharacteristic political dispute within Whiteoak, with the High Priestess and Clanleader disagreeing on the direction of the war to the point that Daughters of Gaia were no longer being sent to reinforce the Clanleader’s warpacks, their squabbles were forced to the side as the war intensified. Unifying enough to land warriors in Southern Nightriver territory via Squallborn ships, Clan Whiteoak was loyal to the very end of the war, ensuring their presence at the drafting of the original treaty. Though the reparations will take a heavy toll on their resources, spirits in Clan Whiteoak remain high as the treaty will give them a chance to rebuild without worrying about raids from Axhound.

Thanks to the work of Pack Redwind, an odd pack made of both Axhound and Whiteoak Ulven, as well as their many supporters a tenuous truce was struck between the two Clans. Over the next few years this truce proved to be lasting and at times during the Dirge War the banners of Axhound and Whiteoak have been seen supporting each other on the field of battle.

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