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Clan Steinjottun

Clan Steinjottun

Clanleader: Halvar Steinjottun
High Priestess: Ingrid Hawkrite
Warleader: Hillevi Steinjottun

Clan Steinjotunn is a Clan located in the northeastern part of Mardrun, between Clans Axhound and Squallborn. Within their relatively small territory lies a rich and honored history, which the Ulven who inhabit it hold dear to them. Their Clanleader is Halvar Steinjotunn.

The Steinjotunn are a clan steeped in the lore and study of the forest and the wilds, primarily because they live in close proximity to the Great Forest. As such, many of their people are hunters, trappers, herbalists, and wood-based craftspeople, using the Great Forest as their livelihoods while still respecting its ancient groves and sacred places, some of which are carefully tended to by Ulven sent specially from Clan Riverhead.

Clan Steinjotunn is famous for its crack archers, said by some to be the best Ulven archers on Mardrun. They maintain a military force dissimilar from other Clans, using those archers to their fullest with warriors in a defensive support role alongside them. In the Civil War, however, though allied with the Coalition they have been relatively inactive, participating in only small attacks against Clan Squallborn and the raids on Clan Whiteoak earlier in the year 264.

Arguably the greatest achievement accomplished by Clan Steinjotunn during its long history has been the development of incredible degrees of animal breeding, exemplified in their training of messenger hawks, said by all to be the fastest and most intelligent on the whole of the continent. Hawk breeders and trainers are highly respected and oftentimes well-to-do individuals within their communities. The occupations are often passed down through a family from father to son.

The Steinjotunn prefer to wear browns, blacks, and greens, in order to effectively camouflage themselves in forestland. In deep winter, some of their number have been known to wear white and brown, changing the colors to fit the season. Their facial paint markings are generally green, and any hawk breeder or trainer is entitled to three black streaks, in an approximation of a wing, to show their occupation and high status.

Recent/Current Events:
Appearing to most to be an ally mostly in word, Clan Steinjottun’s involvement in the war has often gone overlooked by those unfamiliar with the small clan. The presence of Steinjottun scouts in the Great Forest has been felt more than it has been seen, keeping tabs on the Mordok population present within and helping to disseminate that information as quickly as possible. The highly trained messenger hawks provided by Clan Steinjottun have likely saved a number of lives as well, facilitating communications throughout the war and allowing troops to more effectively be moved to where they are needed. Despite their smaller presence in the actual battles, Steinjottun is excited about the end of the war, hoping that the treaty will herald in times of peace that will allow them to return in force to their duties within the Great Forest.

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