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Former Clan Squallborn

Clan Squallborn

Clanleader: Bodil Squallborn
High Priestess: Jorunn Squallborn
Warleader: Calder Whitecap

Recent/Current Events:
Year 264
Limited by their small numbers, Clan Squallborn was still instrumental in the fighting against Clan Stormjarl by using their naval presence to establish a blockade around their foe, helping besiege their territory. When the blockade was eventually broken by the combined might of Clan Stormjarl and New Aldoria, the Squallborn ships found new ways to be effective, such as depositing Whiteoak raiders on the colonies’ shores to raid some of the smaller settlements. After being left out of the negotiations for the end of the war, Clan Squallborn has been very vocal about their anger with both Clans Nightriver and Clan Grimward and has made threats to refuse to sign the document.

Year 265
The Ulven Civil War has ended, however not in Clan Squallborn’s favor. The terms and conditions set forth by Clan Nightriver and its allies are scoffed at and Clan Leader Bodil Squallborn refuses to pay back the reparations agreed upon by Clan Grimward and Clan Whiteoak. Feeling safe and secure in their seclusion on the other side of the continent, the Clan votes to not sign the treaty and keep all the wartime profits gained from raiding Clan Stormjarl to themselves.

This however leaves Clan Squallborn open to an invasion led by Clan Stormjarl, New Aldoria, and supporting allies in claiming one third of their land. Even worse for the clan, these lands that were taken were most of their fertile farmland that the clan held possession of. While their warriors fought back with great ferocity, they were only able to halt the invasion after it was too late. The cries for aid from Clan Leader Bodil Squallborn for reinforcements from their former allies fell upon deaf ears and were ignored, due to their own hubris.

Year 266
Winter is harsh for Clan Squallborn, even with the invaders in their ancestral home the Clan continues to hold the line against any further advancement into their lands. However, many packs feel it would be suicide to attempt a full on assualt against the combined forces of New Aldoria and Clan Stormjarl, leaving only a few packs with enough courage to dare raids to gain supplies so that they can survive the rest of the winter. Thankfully, those who did raid were able to gain some supplies and survive better than their fellow Clanmates.

With the spring came a new enemy, the Mordok, and they came in overwhelming force from the Great Forest. Thankfully every other able bodied warrior went on the defensive once the nearly endless forces descended from the Dirge Swamp, leaving Clan Squallborn to defend against the raids. However, once again these enemies pressed Clan Squallborn to use up almost all of its supplies in order to drive back the Mordok. Thankfully some outside forces were able to donate supplies in return for a promise to assist in the assault on the Mordok in the coming year. A promise they vowed to uphold.

Year 267
The time to deliver on their promise to help drive back the Mordok back into the Dirge Swamp has come, and the few warriors that Clan Squallborn had are sent. The fights are brutal, bloody, and long, often leaving many of the warpacks in shambles after a confrontation. However, they succeed along with many other warpacks to drive the Mordok out of the Great Forest and back north. Once the Mordok are back beyond Clan Whiteoak’s Borders, the Clan then begins to focus on trying to rebuild, realizing that the land that was taken will never be reclaimed. They attempt to turn some promising land in the Great Forest into farmland, however are only able to just barely sustain the clan.

In September, the time for war has come and the Clan once again sends its forces north to help bring the fight to the Mordok. Unfortunately fortune was not in the Ulven’s favor, for the Mordok fought back harder than ever, devastating the combined Ulven armies. By the time December came around, the remaining forces of Clan Squallborn were a mere memory of what they once were.

Year 268
After pushing back the Mordok and keeping them at bay at the Shield of Mardrun, the Clan’s resources reached its limit. With both the winter and the war, food stores and other supplies became nearly non-existent for the common villager. Many packs began to decentralize from the Clan structure during the first half of the year in order to just survive. By the time that September rolled around the Clan was barely surviving and needed to find a way to survive.

Clan Leader Bodil Squallborn decided to take a desperate gamble, and sent Warleader Calder Whitecap to the Clan Stormjarl and Clan Grimward meeting. He gave the Warleader a critical mission to decide what clan to join under in order to save their people. Many within the clan structure didn’t like the idea but understood it, with a large portion expecting Clan Grimward to be the ones they formed under. To the surprise of many, Clan Stormjarl ended up being the chosen Clan to form under.

This led to a large uprising of dismay and anger, resulting in the packs under Pack Squallborn issuing an Aettinjav, an ancient Ulven challenge of clan leadership. Many different challenges were issued, even the dreaded Wolf’s Maw, and only a couple were not won. The rest of the packs that were defeated bared their throat to Clan Stormjarl, some less willing than others. With that, the once proud sea raiders of Clan Squallborn became part of their once long time rivals of Clan Stormjarl.

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