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Clan Spiritclaw

Clanleader: Cahal Spiritclaw
High Priestess: Morrigan Solfire
Warleader: Tristan Windwalker

Ulven dedicated to knowledge and learning who are home to more Truth Seekers than any other Clan.

Recent/Current Events:
Standing vehemently behind their decision to remain neutral in the ever-growing conflict threatening to envelop all of Mardrun, Clan Spiritclaw has nonetheless been very active this past year. As war ravaged the landscape, Spiritclaw began the year by hoping to establish a neutral alliance, originally composed of themselves and Clan Riverhead, with hopes to bring Ironmound into the fold as well. In the coming months, Spiritclaw villages were opened to refugees on both sides of the war, cementing the clan’s position as a mediator and haven for those unwilling or unable to continue fighting.

The revelation of the Lorespeaker Conspiracy likely hit Clan Spiritclaw harder than any other clan, at least as far as the effects were visible. Fiercely proud of their Truthseeker organization, the knowledge that such a culturally significant lie had been perpetuated for generations was a source of great shame, and led to many Truthseekers calling vocally for the capture and questioning of any Lorespeakers. Some on Mardrun, however, will forever see the reputation of the Truthseekers tarnished by this oversight, and others wonder if perhaps some of the Truthseekers were involved with the plot, as well.

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