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Clan Shattered Spear

Clan Shattered Spear

Clanleader: Laifnar Icefury
High Priestess: Gyda Shattered Spear
Warleader: Ulf Mossguard

Though unable to rival Clans Grimward or Nightriver in sheer size, Clan Shattered Spear nonetheless accounts for a substantial portion of the Ulven population of Mardrun. Housing nearly as many Ulven within their borders as Clan Stormjarl, their warpacks number far greater proportionately than most other clans, capable of fielding hundreds of warriors if need be. They act as one of the main bulwarks between Clans Watchwolf and Ironmound to the south and the Dirge Swamp to the north.

This proximity to such hostile terrain has led Clan Shattered Spear to harbor a great warrior culture. More so than any save Pack Longfang, Clan Shattered Spear emphasizes martial prowess and honor in battle. Before they can swing a sword, pups are taught how to care for armor and blades, teaching them respect for the steel in hand as if it were an extension of the self, rather than a tool for war.

Despite this culture, the people of Clan Shattered Spear are not barbarians or savages. Many who embraced the colonists sought to learn from their tactics, hoping to find new strategies to bring to bear against the Mordok. While their stories will romanticize legendary warriors, they do recognize the need for support, be it political, agricultural, or numerical. As a result, Clan Shattered Spear has developed strong bonds with Clans Watchwolf, Goldenfield, and Nightriver, respectively.

Insistent on the honor and legacy of individual warriors, the Ulven of Clan Shattered Spear do not pass down swords in the traditional sense, from one generation to the next. Instead, when a warrior is slain and their remains recovered, their weapon is melted down and recast, adding the bones of the warrior to the flames when smithing. It is said this allows the spirit of past warriors to guide and protect their ancestors, while still allowing the soul to join the Great Wolf. As such, it is beyond taboo to take the weapon of a fallen warrior, thereby denying them the honor of watching over their family beyond their own death.

Recent/Current Events:
Year 264
The large swath of land held by Clan Shattered Spear was critical in the containment of Clan Grimward during this war, and their honorable, numerous warriors served as a substantial deterrent to Grimward expansion into their territory. Spending a great deal of their time looking outward, Clan Shattered Spear was in contact with Clan Watchwolf until the battles that wrested control of that land away from the current residents who had, time and time again, been offered refuge in Shattered Spear territory. As the war escalated, so too did Shattered Spear’s involvement, though for the sake of the Coalition, many of their warriors remained at home to control their own borders. Finally, with the official alliance with Clan Ironmound, Clan Shattered Spear and their new ally were instrumental in coordinating the barrier that held Clan Grimward in check, surrounding them by Shattered Spear and Ironmound territory to the north, the Wolf’s Hackles Mountains to the east, and Stormjarl and Nightriver territory to the south.

Clan Shattered Spear has also been one of the most aggressive clans actively pursuing answers regarding the Lorespeakers and their alleged treachery against the Ulven people. Laifnar Icefury, Clanleader of Shattered Spear, has had his hands full simply trying to reign in bands of vigilantes seeking to exact their own revenge on these traitors, but is himself interested to find them and make sure justice is done.

Year 265
With the war ended between the Clans, Clan Shattered Spear got its fair share of reparations when they signed the peace treaty. While the Clan was suspicious of Clan Grimwards intent, they didn’t have time to ponder about possibilities when the Mordok began to unleash the Creeping Corruption upon its people. The pressure with raids coming from the Dirge forced the Clan to ask for allies, and unexpectedly Clan Grimward took up the call and sent multiple warpacks to assist, along with Clan Ironmound sending high quality arms and armor to better equip the warriors out in the field. While the aid from Clan Ironmound was well received, the aid from Clan Grimward was welcomed with a decent amount of suspicion.

Towards the end of the year, the lasting effects of the Mordok raids have shown their true colors in the form of the land becoming corrupted. Daughters of Gaia from the clan work around the clock and even ask for any aid in helping identify how these pockets of rot and decay are forming, and to find a possible way to combat it. Even more troubling was the reports of the Dirge Swamp itself expanding ever so slowly.

Year 266
With the combined forces of Clan Shattered Spear, Clan Grimward, and Clan Ironmound the Mordok are successfully pushed back to the Dirge Swamp borderlands. However, the ease of this task didn’t go unnoticed by Warpack Leaders and Warleader Ulf Mossguard. The attacks that do come throughout the year seem to be only half hearted attempts in some form or another. However, the Mordok’s true intention finally came to be revealed as a diversion from the packs that were sneaking down through the forests and mountains that border Clan Shattered Spear’s eastern border.

In the summer, Warleader Ulf Mossguard sent all and any able bodied warrior on the eastern half to aid Clan Riverhead’s seige by the Mordok. Thankfully they were able to get a large portion of the civilians out on their neighboring clan’s western border, but not without substantial loss of warriors in holding back the seemingly endless waves of Mordok warriors.

After the fall of Clan Riverhead, the clan holds a moot that seems to last for months, deciding on what to do with the refugee’s from the clan. Many want to aid them by helping reclaim the taken land however, many more feel it would be wiser to wait for aid from the other clans and just absorb the refugee’s into Clan Shattered Spear. While many from Pack Riverhead understood the decision to be absorbed, many of them still voiced their desire to reclaim their lost land in the future, which looked possible with the result of the Grand Moot held in December of that year, with the clans deciding to push the Mordok back into the swamp and begin their war.

Year 267
Clanleader Laifnar Icefury and Warleader Ulf Mossguard send out a direct order to all abled bodied warriors to hold the Mordok back from the Dirge Swamp with extreme force. However, Warleader Ulf Mossguard orders a select few of his best warpacks to enter into the Great Forest during the Great Wolf’s Hunt and begin a pincer move in coordination with Clan Whiteoak’s own forces while the rest of the clans came from the south. Their efforts paid off well and were successful in both driving out the Mordok from the former Riverhead lands and the Great Forest with aid from the other clans and allies.

With the Mordok now driven back, the time to build up and begin preparations for all out war to begin. Pack Dawnrock is chosen as the pack starts building the Clan Shattered Spear Outpost while other war packs hold off the Mordok. In only a few months, and only a few casualties, The Outpost is built and is fully staffed with warriors to defend the area. During this entire process, lumber workers and labor teams harvest tree after tree in great speed and skill and send supplies north to help build and reinforce the series of outposts being dubbed the Shield of Mardrun.

Finally the push into the Dirge begins, and even though many of the warriors of Clan Shattered Spear are eager to plunge blade and spear into the enemy, they are met with endless waves of Mordok. So much so that their momentum is brought to a deadening halt and are forced to start falling back. However, in the last month of the year the combined forces from the Clans worked together to coordinate a retreat from the Mordok Forces while a key centralized area took on all the enemy forces without a break. With that opportunity, Clan Shattered Spear was able to slaughter multiple Mordok raiding groups and get all able bodies back behind the Shield.

Year 268
With the Shield now being manned and constantly supplied, Clan Shattered Spear takes a moment to relax and recover from years of fighting both Ulven and Mordok forces. Warriors returned home, lumber mills returned to regular demands, and all seemed to feel the tension in the land release. With that, talks between the Clan Whiteoak and Clan Shattered Spear open up to begin forming their own alliance. However, due to once being enemies in the Ulven Civil War, these talks go on throughout the year, and eventually settle on a name for their new alliance: The Northern Protectorate.

Meanwhile, Pack Riverhead begins to reclaim some of its ancestral lands but are met with Clanless and Bandits who have settled on the once abandoned land. The pack is outraged and tries to bully the now settled individuals into leaving, but are unfortunately met with a strong resistance from the Bandit Lords that have settled the area.

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