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Clan Riverhead

Clan Riverhead

Clanleader: Hakon Riverhead
High Priestess: Lyrri Riverhead
Warleader: Brynjar Riverhead

This little clan sits on the shores of a small lake at the end of the Great Wolf’s Hackles. All rivers in this region originate at this lake.

Recent/Current Events:
Investigating troubling rumors of human interaction with the Mordok, Clan Riverhead took it upon itself to increase the patrols in the Great Forest, on the look out for any suspicious activity. While the rumors eventually proved to be true, the neutral clan was unable to take much action to resolve the issue due to the war raging across the continent. As Mordok activity died down near the end of the year, the hunters of Clan Riverhead have grown worried at the lack of activity, while thankful for the current respite.

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