Clan Ironmound

Clan Ironmound
Clanleader: Gustav Ironmound
High Priestess: Inger Ironmound
Warleader: Einar Stonefist

Clan Ironmound is next to the Western Watchwolf settlement near the Great Wolf’s Hackles. Most of the continent’s ore deposits reside in this territory, and the finest blacksmiths practice in this region.

They’re also an interesting clan due to a somewhat shifted power structure – they have fewer Daughters than any other Clan, and as opposed to the frequently matriarchal Ulven clans, they are governed by a circle of mine leaders. Thanks to their position near the mountains and earth, they are one of the few Ulven familiar with fortifications, preferring to hole up against the Mordok and defend, rather than hunting them down. Daughters and women are still respected, but they are somewhat more egalitarian in political structure – as a consequence of this, their emissaries tend to be women, as they understand that the other Ulven are less-than-comfortable with their approach to the earth.

Their reverence is tilted more towards the Great Wolf – they believe that iron and stone, like their names, are a permanent thing, and they understand that the tools they make are often used for violent means. Still, they take pride in their methods of harvesting iron – it is, after all, somewhat superior than the bog iron typically used by the other Ulven, and they are one of the few clans that has a ready supply of precious metals. They mostly use these to manufacture artistic objects for barter and tribute – not ones for ostentatious displays, they do tend to lavish a certain practical, beautiful art on weapons.

As one of the Ironmound traditions, upon coming of age, they are required to forge a single tool or weapon for their personal use, keeping it with them always. This is normally seen as a symbol of the Clan member’s decision to remain a part of the Clan, serving as a reminder should they wander to foreign lands. Upon their death, the tool is melted down and used to forge a small memento of their life. While their funerary traditions remain the same as other Ulven, this object is seen to represent the physical imprint that the departed Ulven have made upon the earth.
Recent/Current Events:
264:Hoping to continue their trade agreements with both sides of the war, Clan Ironmound was adamant in their neutrality. Understanding the strategic value of the clan and their location, however, Grimward and Nightriver both urged Ironmound to join their side. Things came to a head in April, during a political feast held to determine if Ironmound would abandon their neutrality. The Coalition’s reaction to Grimward’s presence sent ripples through many communities, and their action at the feast, while criticized by Ironmound as a whole for being rash and violent, secured the alliance for the time being. Troops were sent to Ironmound to help them reinforce against the inevitable Grimward attack. Throughout the rest of the war, the alliance with Clan Ironmound proved to be critical in containing the Grimward threat.

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