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Clan Ironmound

Clan Ironmound
Clanleader: Gustav Ironmound
High Priestess: Inger Ironmound
Warleader: Einar Stonefist

Clan Ironmound is next to the Western Watchwolf settlement near the Great Wolf’s Hackles. Most of the continent’s ore deposits reside in this territory, and the finest blacksmiths practice in this region.

They’re also an interesting clan due to a somewhat shifted power structure – they have fewer Daughters than any other Clan, and as opposed to the frequently matriarchal Ulven clans, they are governed by a circle of mine leaders. Thanks to their position near the mountains and earth, they are one of the few Ulven familiar with fortifications, preferring to hole up against the Mordok and defend, rather than hunting them down. Daughters and women are still respected, but they are somewhat more egalitarian in political structure – as a consequence of this, their emissaries tend to be women, as they understand that the other Ulven are less-than-comfortable with their approach to the earth.

Their reverence is tilted more towards the Great Wolf – they believe that iron and stone, like their names, are a permanent thing, and they understand that the tools they make are often used for violent means. Still, they take pride in their methods of harvesting iron – it is, after all, somewhat superior than the bog iron typically used by the other Ulven, and they are one of the few clans that has a ready supply of precious metals. They mostly use these to manufacture artistic objects for barter and tribute – not ones for ostentatious displays, they do tend to lavish a certain practical, beautiful art on weapons.

As one of the Ironmound traditions, upon coming of age, they are required to forge a single tool or weapon for their personal use, keeping it with them always. This is normally seen as a symbol of the Clan member’s decision to remain a part of the Clan, serving as a reminder should they wander to foreign lands. Upon their death, the tool is melted down and used to forge a small memento of their life. While their funerary traditions remain the same as other Ulven, this object is seen to represent the physical imprint that the departed Ulven have made upon the earth.

Recent/Current Events:
Year 264

Hoping to continue their trade agreements with both sides of the war, Clan Ironmound was adamant in their neutrality. Understanding the strategic value of the clan and their location, however, Grimward and Nightriver both urged Ironmound to join their side. Things came to a head in April, during a political feast held to determine if Ironmound would abandon their neutrality. The Coalition’s reaction to Grimward’s presence sent ripples through many communities, and their action at the feast, while criticized by Ironmound as a whole for being rash and violent, secured the alliance for the time being. Troops were sent to Ironmound to help them reinforce against the inevitable Grimward attack. Throughout the rest of the war, the alliance with Clan Ironmound proved to be critical in containing the Grimward threat.

Year 265
After a long fought war with the neighboring Clan Grimward, Clan Ironmound starts to rebuild the villages that were raised, slow down production of weapons and armor, and catch their breath from the whirlwind that was the Civil War. Just as they began to rebuild though, a new type of foe emerged in the form of the Mordok. Though only a couple war bands, what they bring with them is by far more frightening than any army, the Creeping Corruption. The disease spread like wildfire, starting in Hazemane Village, and quickly started to spread outside of it into Grimward, Shattered Spear, and Nightriver territories.

In the time of the pandemic, High Priestess Inger Ironmound calls for talented healers and clerics of all religions to come and help discover a cure for the Creeping Corruption. However, the Mordok began to attack in earnest against Clan’s Shattered Spear and Whiteoak. With the memories of the Civil War still fresh in their minds, the clan decides to send aid only to Clan Shattered Spear in the form of troops and supplies.

During this time Warleader Einar Stonefist follows suit with Clan Steinjottun’s Warleader and begins building up for what could very well be the inevitable war against the Mordok. The forges work day and night while warriors train relentlessly.

Year 266
Clanleader Gustav Ironmound begins the call for unification of the Ulven people to fight back against the Mordok. Meanwhile, his own forces were well underway to be ready for war and to slaughter Mordok in the upcoming conflict. The clan was met with overwhelming demands for armor and weapons from many of the northern clans, mostly Clan’s Shattered Spear, Whiteoak, and Goldenfield.

With the fall of Clan Riverhead, Clanleader Gustav changed his usual speech to that of a demand for a Grand Moot between the Clanleaders of the Ulven, something done for the first time in living memory. While some were slower to act than others, eventually all of the Ulven Clans, and even some of the colonists met up to send delegates and diplomats to have their voice heard. By the end of the Grand Moot, the decision was made: The Ulven were going to war.

Year 267
The year begins with complete domination on the battlefield from Clan Ironmound warriors. The clan’s heavily armored warriors carve through the Mordok in the Great Forest like a hot knife through butter. Riding their momentum, the warriors press further and push the Mordok like a wave back into the Dirge Swamp. It is in the spring that Clan Ironmound’s ability to produce supplies shines bright. Shipments of armor, building equipment, weapons, repair kits, and more flood the roads and trails to the soon to be Shield of Mardrun.

When the time comes to press into the swamp, Clan Ironmound is hit the hardest due to being the slowest and the most armored. That being said, the clan itself had prepared for such an onslaught and waves of enemies splashed against their shield wall, even when the advance was brought to a halt. During the tactical retreat, the Ironmound warriors acted as the rear vanguard, holding the line against Mordok as their fellow Ulven pulled back to the Shield to regroup. While they took their share of loss in the war, they were one of the few clans to lose so little in terms of lives.

Year 268
With the momentum no longer possible to press forward, many of the clans leave their outposts garrisoned with troops to help keep the Mordok at bay, and Clan Ironmound was no exception to this. They even left a small token of laborers and blacksmiths to help keep the troops of the Shield in good repair and to help with any Outpost repairs. With the majority of their attention now turned back on home, many in the clan wanted to lessen the arms and armor production. When the forges thought they would be able to relax just a small amount, Clanleader Haygreth Greytide himself arrives in the Capital to talk with Clanleader Gustav Ironmound and the rest of the Clan’s leadership. By the end of the month both Clanleaders agreed to join into an alliance they dubbed the Ironward Alliance.

Throughout the year forces from Clan Ironmound trained with the packs of Clan Grimward, bringing the skill and tenacity to the ranks of the Ironmound Warpacks. In exchange for these services, the forges of Clan Ironmound churned out arms and armor to outfit the Clan Grimward warriors. While this decision was met with some enthusiasm from the packs of Ironmound, there were many with the memories fresh of what Clan Grimward’s brutal attack on their families…

Stormjarl finally signing the treaty that ended the Civil War brings a sigh of relief across Clan Ironmound. Though they were willing to stand and fight with their allies in Grimward, they’d much rather not get directly involved in fights between Clans.

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