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Clan Goldenfield

Clan Goldenfield

Clanleader: Hoskuld Goldenfield
High Priestess: Svanhild Goldenfield
Warleader: Brenna Tallgrain

Clan Goldenfield is a small clan in the east of Mardrun. They are bordered to the east by Clan Spiritclaw, to the west by Clan Nightriver, Clan Riverhead in the northwest, and the Great Forest to the north.

The people of Clan Goldenfield, unique among all Ulven, are not warriors. Instead, they focus almost solely on agriculture, growing a great quantity of grains of all types, as well as vegetables and fruits. Their abundance of “golden fields” marked their people in the far past and eventually allowed for their unification under one leader and name. They are masters of their craft, easily the most skilled farmers on Mardrun. Consequently, they have an unbreakable tie to the land that stretches back many generations. It is said that a Goldenfield farmer can tell the fertility of any soil by crumbling it through his fingers, and can say, beyond the shadow of doubt, what will grow best there. It is also said that any Goldenfield child learns to till a field before they learn to walk, though this rumor is taken with a grain of salt by other clans.

Being primarily working people, Clan Goldenfield’s Ulven generally do not wear facial markings, as their intense labor would soon destroy the paint. They also do not wear clothes of many colors, preferring brown and black over more eye-catching hues. This is because work stains do not show as easily on those colors. However, on special occasions such as feast days or mating ceremonies they may wear more delicate clothing and marks, which are overall light brown or green in color. They are commonly stylized to look like types of grain such as wheat or barley, but with an artistic flourish that belies the more simple nature of the Clan.

Any Ulven from Clan Goldenfield, despite their differences from most Ulven, will still exhibit extreme pride in their work, and will not stand for criticism of their way of life, which on occasion is forthcoming from other clans. This criticism is often meant in jest, despite the interpretations internalized by members of Clan Goldenfield: There is no clan on Mardrun who has not turned to the Goldenfield farmers to see them through a famine or to help them rebuild after Mordok raids. Clan Goldenfield’s decision to ally with the colonists and Clan Nightriver in the Civil War was a major blow to the Grimward war machine due to an increased need for production.

Recent/Current Events:
Year 264
Despite their avoidance of direct conflict in the war, Clan Goldenfield was instrumental in the victory won by the Coalition. One of the earlier clans to join with Nightriver, Clan Goldenfield made it known from the beginning that their contribution would be that of farmers and food, not of warriors, and they made good on that promise. Late in the harvest season, however, Clan Goldenfield drew the attention and ire of Clan Riverhead’s Daughters of Gaia, called upon to help investigate a mysterious blight that had ravaged the Goldenfield crop and left much of the Coalition reeling in its wake. The Riverhead representatives made known their belief that the blight was a punishment from Gaia herself, urging her children to return to the natural order of things. Despite this, however, Clanleader Hoskuld Goldenfield stood strong in his alliance with Nightriver, promising whatever aid he was able.

Year 265
The year was starting the same as usual: waiting for the thaw, planning what crops to plant where, and telling stories within their huts. This normalcy was interrupted by the notificatin that there were Undead on Mardrun, which spurred Warleader Brenna Tallgrain to send a couple warpacks to assist in destroying the abominations before they became more of a problem. For the only kind of good undead in the eyes of Clan Goldenfield, is a destroyed one.

Meanwhile, the Clan Watchwolves of Luna seeks aid in the form of food, clothing, and shelter after the fall of their western half. Feeling their pain and seeing the struggle of the now barely existing clan, Clanleader Hoskuld Goldenfield and High Priestess Svanhild Goldenfield personally intervene and send supplies and aid to the wounded, hungry and cold to their southern neighbors while their workforce continues to harvest as much food, wood, and other supplies before the next snowfall.

Year 266
Once again, the clan waits for the forces of winter to subside, however their longtime allies in Clan Riverhead ask for aid to help deal with the increased Mordok raids. Warleader Brenna Tallgrain sends what warpacks she is able to scrape together and help, in an usually odd choice of evacuating what Clan Riverhead civilians that can be saved. Many within the clan questioned his method, but the hardened Warleader felt as if this was only the beginning of a much worse fate for their neighbors. Sure enough, by the end of the summer Clan Riverhead is all but memory as the Mordok flood and destory anything in their path.

Due to such a threat now looming to the north, the clan moves to strengthen their defenses and horde up as much supplies as possible for the possibly bloody winter. During the beginning of fall though, word reaches Clanleader Hoskuld Goldenfield of Clan Ironmound calling for a Grand Moot, an event that hasn’t been done in living memory of the Ulven. Hoskuld, the current Clan Riverhead High Priestess,and a company of diplomats travel to Clan Ironmounds capital to add their voice and more clout to the call, since his very own clan could be the next to fall to the Mordok menace to the north of their clan borders.

Year 267
With the Grand Moot over and actions decided, Clan Goldenfield begins its duty to help supply the united front of Ulven forces. Thankfully they built up enough spare supplies to help take a significant load off the united front for the Great Forest counter offensive. Even more fortunate is the early spring thaw that comes with the turn of the year, allowing the clan to begin their usual planting well ahead of schedule. With this extra time, the Packs decide to further expand their fields further into the great forest as the Mordok are driven out by the end of Spring to help with the winter crops.

This pattern continues throughout the year, planting and harvesting as efficiently as they are able to. By the end of the year, the clan could have filled its storehouses twelve times over with the amount of supplies generated for the war effort. However, the attacks into the swamp are halted and it seems that such a huge increase in demand will begin to drop as forces stay and defend on the Shield of Mardrun.

Year 268
Many in the clan take the winter to relax and recover from the nearly year long rush of harvesting supplies from every possible source known and at their disposal. In February, that relaxation is shattered with the announcement of Clan Grimward and Clan Ironmound forming an alliance called the Ironward Alliance, joining forces to create a martial powerhouse. Many other clans begin their scramble to also solidify an alliance to protect themselves from those who formed such a bond. It was a bit of a surprise though that Clanleader Branthur Nightriver hismelf came to discuss a possible alliance with Clanleader Hoskuld Goldenfield. The initial meeting was well received and correspondence continued throughout the entire year. By the time late fall was rolling around and the late harvests began, the announcement of the Goldenriver Trade Alliance came to the ears of Clan Goldenfield’s citizens. Many are eager to see what this new economic powerhouse will achieve and feeling safer with Clan Nightriver as a dependable ally.

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