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Pack Sjóúlfur

Pack Sjóúlfur is a secluded pack that dwells on the Eastern Shores of Mardrun, with their village built into the cliffs that overhang the Sea. They worship the Wolf Sjóúlfur under the Great Wolf. Among the Ulven in Sjóúlfur, women and men are treated as equals, and each expected to carry their own weight. Each member of the pack is gifted with a Guardian Spirit by Sjóúlfur at birth. This spirit is believed to reflect and shape their character, and protect them throughout their lives.

The Sjóúlfur pack is a very close knit community. Sjóúlfur Ulven are renowned for their fierce loyalty to each other and their allies in times of need. Since they live on the far Eastern shore, they tend to stay out of Human and Syndar politics and keep to themselves. Their only true, mortal enemy is the Mordok.

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