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Clan Axhound

Clan Axhound

Clanleader: Trygve Axhound
High Priestess: Eira Blackeye
Warleader: Hoskul Axhound


Axhound is a smaller clan than most, but this should not be used as a reason to discount them. Until recently Axhound had been locked in a generations long feud with their Whiteoak, their neighbors to the north. For years no one truly remembered what started the feud, but it was eventually revealed that at one time the two clans were one under the name Axhound; though there are some competing stories about why Whiteoak split from the mother clan so long ago.

This proximity to an ancient foe caused Axhound to place heavy emphasis on their martial forces. The warriors of Clan Axhound are well regarded for their hit-and-run raiding style tactics. They used this expertise to harangue the Whiteoak villages along their border for generations and eventually this specialized fighting style found itself to be very useful during the Ulven Civil War

Axhound sided with Nightriver and the Colonists during the Civil War and found themselves directly opposed to their ancestral foe, Whiteoak.

Recent/Current Events:
264: Clan Axhound has spent most of the past year in heated conflict with their ancestral rivals, Clan Whiteoak. Despite a number of fairly successful raids at the end of the year 263, Clan Axhound was unable to capitalize on these opportunities due to their small numbers and lack of aid from their allies. Border skirmishes have eroded away a substantial amount of Axhound’s small but fierce military, dwindling their numbers and their supplies in the process. In a precarious position with the looming winter, an Axhound representative managed to force herself into the Armistice meeting at the end of the year, supposedly securing reparations for her clan.

Thanks to the work of Pack Redwind, an odd pack made of both Axhound and Whiteoak Ulven, as well as their many supporters a tenuous truce was struck between the two Clans. Over the next few years this truce proved to be lasting and at times during the Dirge War the banners of Axhound and Whiteoak have been seen supporting each other on the field of battle.

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