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Character Bio Template

NOTES: Bios for a PC must be submitted 2 weeks prior to an event where you intend to play that character (and please note this in your email so we know it is a priority). Please make sure to provide a Facebook contact name and/or email so the Staff or Herald assigned to approve/work on your bio can reach you. Bios that are submitted that do not fit the story at all or bios that are not spelling and grammar checked will most likely be kicked back to the submitting player to be cleaned and/or rewritten. If you want the Staff and Heralds to take your PC creation seriously, then we ask that you do as well!

PLAYED BY: Your name

CONTACT INFO: Email and/or Facebook info. This will not be posted on the bio, but will allow Staff and Heralds to contact you when they are approving it. We need the contact info for the actual player of this PC as well, even if it was written by another player.




CLASS: Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, or Mage?





OCCUPATION: What does your character do? A career, profession, trade, member of an organization, etc?

KNOWN SKILLS: Stuff your PC can do. Doesn’t necessarily have to be skills right out of the rule book, but a brief description of things your character is skilled at.

BIRTHPLACE: Where were you born? Contact a Herald for help on family/world history stuff.

APPEARANCE: What do you look like?

NOTABLE TRAITS: Unusual traits that someone would notice right away upon meeting you, such as blind, scar on face, etc

RELATIONSHIPS: What relationships do you have other PCs and NPCs?

RUMORS: If they gossip about you, what do they say?

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: Background info and notable events! This is where you will detail the story of your character. If needed, contact a Herald for help! If you can send a bullet list of ideas to lasthopelarp@gmail.com for approval, it will help you detail out your bio. You can earn 0-5 exp for writing a bio; the more detailed, thought out, well written, and spelling/grammar checked it is the better your chance at earning a full 5 exp. We expect players to think about their backgrounds and the personas of the PCs they intend to play, so please take this step seriously. Who do you want to play and who do you want that person to be?
hat relationships do you have other PCs and NPCs?

SECRET INFO: If you so choose, this is the spot where you can put down secret info that most players would not know about your character. This will not be posted to your bio page on the wiki, but it allows the Staff and Heralds to know things about your character to help with the character creation process. Did you murder someone? Did you steal something? Etc.

Once complete, email this to lasthopelarp@gmail.com with the title [BIO]: [Your name]

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