Celeste was born in the year 228 in a canvas tent in the May’Kar desert. She was part of the Phoenix commune. At the age of 2 it became evident that she was not like the rest of the small children, something was off about her. She did not play like normal children of the Phoneix, when she did her bones would pop out of joint. She was quite fragile and would get injured doing even the simplest of tasks. Her parents hoped she would grow out of it, but when she was four and things did not improve, her parents took her to the Magis for help. Magis Yara stated that the Celeste would not be able to fight like normal because of her rare condition, but with a little help she would be able to train with the other Magis. She could start at the age of 5, which is 5 years sooner than the normal age of 10 for all other Phoenix to be tested for magic. As her parents discussed the possibilities for their daughter they were told of an impending doom to their people. The undead were coming and that Solaris told them of a place free from the undead. The new land was very far away from home, but wanting a future for their daughter they decided to make the trip.

Packing only the necessities they packed up their camel and started the trip with their friends and family. The journey was not a pleasant one. They ran into bandits and soldiers refusing to let the Phoenix pass or demanding a fee. One dark night in Aldoria, Celeste’s father was off gathering plants for food when he was found by a group of bandits. Out numbered and terrified he knew he won’t be able to fight, so he yelled for help while trying to stave off the bandits. A nearby clan member was hunting and heard his cries, he came from the woods and helped to chase off the bandits. Owing his life to this man, they became close friends. Celestes dad invited him and his family to join him for supper. They had a son the same age as Celeste named Thorn. Celeste and Thorn quickly became great playmates and close friends.

After crossing thru Aldoria they came upon the sea. Knowing nothing of the sea, the Phoenix had troubles finding anyone to help them cross. After camping outside of the port, eventually Yara came to find sailor who was willing to take them to the Promised Land that Solaris told them about for a hefty fee. Because of the size of the group they needed two boats so the Phoenix pulled together and sold everything that could be sold for food and to pay for the boats. With the need to take two boats the Phoenix people were separated into two groups. One group was with the captain and the other one was led by stronger members who were quickly trained to control the ship for basic sailing.

The two boats there were able to attain were small so when the day came to set sail, the Phoenix were divided into two groups. Celeste and her family were to be boarded on the ship controlled by the captain, when she noticed Thorn standing in line to board the second ship. Not wanting to be away from her closest friend she begged her parents to let him on the ship. Because of the lack of space, they would not allow the family of three to change ships. His parents arranged it so Thorn could change ships to be with Celeste and they would stay on the other one.

After weeks of travel, the winds turned and a storm set their boat off course. After battling the winds for days; Celeste’s boat was sent south, off the original course and they lost sight of the other boat, the boat containing Thorn’s parents. As they resumed their course to the East not sure if they were going the way Solarus intended, Magis Yara took ill. The strongest healer and second in command Yelse was on the second ship. The healers tried in vain to help Yara, but it was not going well. As the Magis Yara was dying she informed Celeste and her parents that she needs to train at the age of five under the soon to be new Magis, Raina. After a time, land was spotted and the Phoenix were shown their Promised Land.

The new island was wonderful and full of lush woodlands. Celeste and her family built a home in the trees so they could be closer to Solaras. As the island started to take shape Celeste was brought to a newly built temple with Raina to train as one of the new Magis. All Magis need a guard to protect them and the choice was clear for Celeste, she wanted Thorn to be her guard. Thorn was younger then they usually started to train. Raina thought about this, Thorn no longer has parents and needs to be cared for. After a time she conceded that Thorn could be her guard. As the years went by Thorn trained to be a suitable bodyguard for the young Magis, and Celeste continued her training. Thorn grew quite fond of Celeste and after they turned 18 he started to court her, it did not take long before she was returning his affections. After several years, Celeste told her parents she wanted to be joined with Thorn. With their blessing they had a ceremony to be joined, a tradition that is not taken lightly in the Phoenix culture. It was a big celebration.

As time went on a couple of Phoenix noticed a boat and Raina decided to send a welcome group to meet the new people and possibly new land. Anariel and Laertes were chosen as they were level headed and easy to talk to. They were also skilled fighters in magic and naginata. Next chosen was Celeste because she was becoming a great skilled healer and would be able to assist the group well. With Celeste came her partner Thorn who was swore to protect her with his life. With a brief prayer for the group and good byes from her parents, they were sent off to meet the new people who would change her whole life, again.

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