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Cassander Xanthopoulos

Played By: Ian Loebl

Character Name: Cassander Xanthopoulos

Gender: Male

Class: Rogue

Age: 100

Race: Albino Feral Syndar

Hair: White

Eyes: Greenish-gray

Occupation: Merchant, economist, and appraiser, specializing in precious gems, metals, antiques, and rarities. Also specializes in finding unique goods and buyers, as well as supplies.

Known Skills: Merchanting, economics, moneylending, and money-changing

Birthplace: The Syndar Kingdom of Fawyth

Appearance: He has pure white skin, a fanged mouth, and wears a black flat-brimmed hat.

Notable Traits: He has an accent and is an albino. His personality can fluctuate rapidly between being jovial, happy, and so on into a deadly seriousness at a moment’s notice.

Relationships: Member of the Phoenix



For my part, gentlemen, I’ve been places, seen things, and had quite an interesting life over my hundred years in this world. I started from roots more humble than most, being a feral Syndar with no parents, but over time I overcame most of what stood before me, with the exception of my unchanging race. From what I was able to discover, I was born in the Kingdom of Fawyth, but I have not discovered the identities of my parents. I do, however, know why they gave me to the orphanage in the Kingdom of Tielorrien where I grew up. I was born feral, but even worse than that, I was born albino, with snow white skin and hair, and pale eyes. A doubly cursed child. As I grew, I was able to find some who accepted me, but as a whole I was looked down upon as being a lesser being by other Syndar. When I was thirteen, I was taken from the orphanage to become the servant of a wealthy and influential Syndar merchant, who I would serve for seven years. He was important enough to be able to trade with the Nara Pentare, something claimed by an incredibly small quantity of people. I learned a great deal from him by observing every aspect of his business dealings, though he only taught me personally what I needed to know in order to serve him properly. Over those seven years, I was nothing if not loyal. However, my master did not treat me as an equal, and I received no gratitude for my service. This perhaps showed through the most on a cold fall night, in my seventh year of service. My master had drunk far too much during the day and had fallen ill, inconsiderate of the fact that we had an important meeting to attend that night which stood to create a profit of hundreds of Vandregonian silver. In addition, this meeting was a rare and dangerous one, because we were to meet with representatives of the Empire of the Nara Pentare, a rigid and honor-bound culture to say the least. If we were to fail in attendance, we would likely never be able to trade with them again. As he was unable to even get up from his bed, I went to the meeting in his place, taking his name without his permission. Initially, our contact was extremely hesitant to deal with me because he was mistrustful of feral Syndar, as he had been prejudiced against them by other Syndar in the past. However, I used what I had learned to great effect and the deal we were to make went through, making an even greater profit than we had calculated. When I returned, my master furiously interrogated me about what had happened. He did not care about the astronomical sum that he had just acquired. He only cared that I had stolen his identity, however temporary it might have been. That night he beat me wildly with a stick, and the next day was when I left his service, disgusted by his treatment for the last time. Thus began my wandering as I traveled from human kingdom to human kingdom, using my skills at selling and identifying to survive. Eventually I decided to settle down in the May’Kar Dominion, where there were many humans, rich and poor, who needed my services. The high level of tolerance exhibited by the May’Kar was also a boon to my efforts. My contacts and friends from my years of traveling served me well, and I was well known for my ability to find almost any item in the world upon request. I sold items for temples, lords, other merchants, and artisans alike, and through this became successful and affluent, though not as much as I might have liked. However, all good things must come to an end. The rapid sweep of the Undead through the north of the continent made me decide to leave the Dominion, a decision which proved wise, as they defected to the Penitent shortly thereafter. I was able to easily reestablish myself in southern Aldoria and continue as before, but it was the beginning of the final end of everything. As soon as I heard of the discovery of Mardrun and that a colony had been founded, I departed on the first ship that I could purchase a cabin on. When I reached Mardrun, I found myself back where I had started. I was alone in a foreign land with none of my old contacts to guide me or help me. Therefore, I began again. I spent time first in New Aldoria, getting to know the populace while I waited for the conflict with the native Ulven to subside. After it had, I made the rounds of every colony, even the small up-and-coming ones like Crow’s Landing and Key’s Crossing. I lived by doing accounting and numberwork for a wide range of people in all the colonies, but my main work was in New Aldoria and Newhope, the two most prosperous settlements. I eventually became a merchant again in my own right, and sought an organization that could help me make better use of my talent. The Phoenix seemed a natural choice. It was not a smooth transition, but it has seemed to work out well so far. With luck, my prosperity will continue to increase and all shall see that regardless of race, regardless of the curses of our birth, we may become successful and tolerated though our own effort.

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