Calder Erikson

Played By: Sage Wolf

Name: Calder Erikson
Age: 14.
Gender: Male.
Race: Ulven.
Class: Rogue.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Skills: Armor Proficiency, Archery, Traps And Devices, Trade Hunter.

Calder Erikson was born to Astrid and Erik Hanson in the year 252, He was raised as a farmer in northern clan golden field until his parents were brutally killed before his eyes in a mordok raid when he was nine years old. He escaped into the fringes of the great forest and survived on foraged roots and berries until he was taken in by a reclusive hunter and woodsman that the village children called “the crazy old hermit” who taught him hunting and survival skills as well as swordsmanship. Calder stayed with the old man until he died of pneumonia four years later. After reading his notes and letters Calder discovered that the reclusive old man was in fact a soldier who survived the defeat of vandragon and The Fall on faedrun. He set out with the old mans bow, sword, and chainmail to seek revenge for his parents death. And this is where his story truly begins, we shall see how it unfolds from here.

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