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Brodin Fizzlewick

PLAYED BY: Nate Tukiendorf
PLAYER: Facebook: Nathan Tukiendorf
CHARACTER NAME: Brodin Fizzelwick
AGE: 43
RACE: Syndar
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
OCCUPATION: Silversmith
KNOWN SKILLS: Knows how to read and write, silversmith.
BIRTHPLACE: Syndar Enclave in May’kar (The Phoenix)
APPEARANCE: 5’7″ average build, clean shaven. Thick dark hair, inquisitive eyes, thick eyebrows, broad nose.
NOTABLE TRAITS: Hard worker, trusting. Lighthearted around friends, a bit gullible.
RELATIONSHIPS: Travels with Marcus Clearbrook.

The sun slowly rose into the sky over New Hope, promising another warm spring day. Brodin Fizzelwick was already in the mists of setting up his small stall at the town square. With spring breaking the cold fist of winter, everyone was happy. Although there was a lot to do, and everyone did what they could to get a jump on the growing season. Food was in short supply, and everyone was feeling the pinch. However, spring promised a new beginning and everyone had a smile on their face despite the constant struggle.

Brodin finished placing his last show piece, when he noticed that a few children were running to and fro in the square. He turned his head to the right and saw another early riser busy setting up her shop, no more than two stalls down from his stand. From what he could deduce, she was seamstress, laying out many new tunics and trousers. She carefully folded every piece of clothing like they were very dear to her. That was a sign of a good craftsman. She herself was very beautiful, with long straight walnut hair, fine angular features, trim, confident and Syndar.
“This one is pretty. Can I have it?” said a voice out of Brodin’s vision.

Turning his head he saw no one, then he looked down and saw a little girl probably around 10 or 11 years of age. She had piercing blue eyes and was dressed in a simple brown tunic and hose with a large cloth hat on her head. She pointed a dirty little finger at a silver turtle broach that had green jeweled eyes. It was one of his most recent pieces and one that he was very proud of, he was hoping he could get a decent amount of coin for it. If anything, it would show his skill and possibly entice someone to ask about commissioning a custom piece.

“You have a very good eye. That is one of my favorite pieces. It took me a long time to make and I was hoping to make a good profit on it. Do you or your parents have a means to buy it?” Brodin said. Not wishing to turn away anyone, despite their age. Plus it was early and the square was still mostly empty, only a few other tradesmen started filing into the square.

“I don’t have much money, sir. Winter was hard, and all of my mother’s money went to buying food and linen.” The little girl said as she cast her eyes down to the cobblestone.

Feeling slightly sorry for the girl… but only slightly. Everyone was struggling and Brodin wasn’t going to get back to his island home without money. “What is your name?” he asked.

“Arie.” She said sheepishly.

Maybe he could get some information from this youth; they see many things are a more willing to give up information, if you dangle the metaphorical carrot in front of their face. “Well Arie, I have a deal for you. I am new to town and am looking to find a few things. If you can help me find these things I will sell the broach to you for a big discount.”

Arie’s eyes widen and then she looked to her left and bit her lower lip. “Ok, but can I ask you a question after you ask me a question?”
Cocking an eyebrow, Brodin realized this youth was both perceptive and inquisitive.

“Agree, I will go first. Would you happen to know when the next ship is to leave?”

Arie furrowed her brow and thought for a moment. “My friend Gregory, whose father told him, that many of the fishermen and captains are afraid to sail, because of a ghost ship in the fog. So I don’t know for sure.”

This news was distressful to Brodin, with every captain afraid to set sail. That means he is going to find very few captains brave enough to go, and if he does find one they are going to charge an exurbanite amount of money.

“Ok my turn!” Arie said as she smiled and jumped up and down eagerly. “Where are you from? Do you have a family? Are you planning on staying in New Hope?”

Brodin was slightly taken aback at the questions. But it couldn’t hurt, the questions seemed innocent enough.

“I was born in the May’kar dominion on Faedrun, which is really far away. My father was a candle maker and my mother was a silversmith. My father was killed by bandits as we left our village to find a ship to leave Faedrun. My mother passed away on the ship to Mardrun. I felt very alone at first, but the Enclave made me feel like I still had a family. I set up my home and shop on the island to the south of Mardrun. As to whether or not I am staying in New Hope, I’m not sure for how long. I am a on a quest for The Phoenix. I am trying to gather supplies and information, and then I guess we will see.” He said as images of his past came flying back, many good, some not so good. The early death of his parents ever fresh in his mind, he misses them so.

Brodin took a deep breath and pushed the painful memories aside and looked back at his youthful customer. Arie smiled and giggled as if Brodin said something silly. Then without another word she ran down the rows of stalls and through a growing number of people. Brodin shrugged it off as a lady in a red dress approached to browse his goods.

The morning and day progressed Brodin was able to sell a few items to a couple passing customers. He also was commissioned by a wealthy merchant to craft an ornate belt loop. The sun started it’s slow crawl into the western horizon, when he decided to close up shop and find his companion Marcus.

“Hello again!” Said a very familiar voice behind him. He turned to see Arie, standing there smiling, holding the hand of the seamstress he noticed earlier. The beautiful seamstress smiled and said “Siala Kay Nu. I hope my daughter here wasn’t bothering you earlier. I’m Myra Silvertongue. What is your name?”

Brodin stood there dumbfounded for a second. This beautiful Syndar lady stood before him and talked like a common human. He guessed that she was half Syndar, like himself. His mother insisted that he learn how to speak like a proper Syndar and retain as much of his Syndar heritage as possible. He however realized that it is essential to learn how to speak with human and Syndar alike. It helps with business. He was also chastising himself for not noticing that Arie was her daughter. Looking at the youth more he noticed that her features are fine like her mothers. But her piercing blue eyes must be her fathers.

“Siala Kay Nu Myra. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Brodin Fizzelwick. Your daughter was not a bother this morning; it was actually pleasant to talk to her.” He said as he slightly bowed.

“That is what she tells me.” She said as she looks down at her daughter fondly briefly before returning his gaze. “She also told me a bunch about you as well. Also that you made a deal for a broach that she was interested in. May I see it?”

Again he was slightly taken aback. She must have sent her daughter to learn what she could about the silversmith. This is the first time that a beautiful woman has taken an interest in him. He admired her forwardness, and she also sounded sincere. “Of course.” Brodin said as the rummaged through his pack to find the jeweled turtle. Finding it, he handed it to her. Myra’s green eyes slightly widened at the beauty of the piece.
“How much are you thinking selling it for?” Myra asked hesitantly.

Feeling bold and he knew that she probably didn’t have the money to pay for such a nice piece. “I was hoping for 5 silver coins, but I will also trade it to you for a new tunic and sharing a meal with me. How does that sound?”

“I would really enjoy tha…” She started saying.

“Brodin! You thin bastard! I have big news! I have a way for us to head out of New Hope tomorrow!” Marcus came running up and stopped as soon as he saw Myra. “Excuse me; I didn’t know you were talking with such a pretty lady.”

Myra put down the broach and looked down. “I didn’t know you were leaving so soon. It was nice meeting you.” She turned and started walking away.

“Wait!” Brodin called after her as he grabbed the broach and hurried around the front of this stall. He caught up with Myra and her daughter a few paces away. “Wait, Myra. Yes, it is true that I have a need to be away. I have a task that I must complete with The Phoenix. Please take this.” He said as he gave her the broach.

“I can’t take it, I don’t have the money.” She said feeling slightly ashamed.

“Please take it, and it comes with a promise that I will be back.” He said sincerely.

She looked in his eyes and saw that he was telling the truth. “I will hold you to that Brodin Fizzelwick.” A handful of heartbeats later, she broke his gaze and reached in her bag. “It still gets cold at night, take this.” She produced a new crimson tunic from her bag.

The tunic felt heavy, but also very soft in his hand. He looked at her eyes again, to see that she had tears in her eyes. “Thank you, I will cherish this gift and remember you every time I wear it.”

“Take care of yourself and come back safe” She said with a smile. Then she turned and walked away, slowly disappearing in the dwindling crowd.
Turning around he strode back to gather his pack in his stall. Marcus leaning against the support of the stall, his eyes alight with excitement. “Alright you son of whore, what has you all a flutter?” Brodin said rather annoyed with his human companion.

“Grab your gear and lets head back to our room, and I will tell you all about it. Let’s just say that I found my calling and I am sure you will approve.” Marcus said with enthusiasm. He then proceeded to talk about all the things they will need for the road. Brodin was only half listening as they walked down the street with the setting sun at their back. He managed a brief glance down the road that Myra and her daughter left. Made a quick prayer to Solar for his protection and continued down the road with his friend toward a new adventure.

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