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Bolin “the Bear”

Played by: Arron Singkofer
Name: Bolin “The Bear”
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Warrior
Known Skills: Dual wielding.
Birthplace: Don’t ask Bolin, Bolin didn’t give birth to himself.
Appearance: Tall, Large build.
Notable Traits: None
Bio: (As told by Bolin) Bolin does not really remember much of his life from before the boat ride over. Bolin stayed at new hope until Bolin’s fifteenth name day then Bolin set out for adventure. For three years Bolin joined up with whoever was man enough to be on an adventure with Bolin. It was some good old times but Bolin can’t jump from one place to another forever. Bolin found home in the ranks of the brave men and women of the rangers. They saved Bolin when all seemed lost, Bolin’s group had been picked off by mordok while they where escorting a caravan threw some dark woods. Bolin had 3 comrades protecting the caravan, one of them was Bolin’s grandfather but he was wounded and ill. They were making a last stand when they arrived, our combined forces where able to drive them off. Bolin was so impressed with their skill so Bolin asked to join them, their leader was okay with it, as long as Bolin did not slow them down or get them killed. After bolin and comrades finished defending the caravan, Bolin’s grandfather passed away. During the fight Bolin’s grandfather was poisoned by a Mordok weapon, one of the rangers knew of an antidote but with the injuries and illness it did not look like Bolin’s grandfather would have made it. During Bolin’s travels with the rangers, there was an incident with a group of bandits inside of a tavern. Bolin managed to injure two, and killing a third. Oh boy that was a fun kill. Bolin may have smashed his face in with a mounted bear’s head. Maybe that’s why Tobias calls Bolin the bear. Maybe it’s because Bolin eats so much fish. Who knows. Bolin does not.
Relationships: Fellow Rangers

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