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Bob Ironfield

Played by:Brandon Bollig

Name: Bob Ironfield

Gender: Male


Race: human

Hair: Brown (Thinning)

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Librarian turned warrior

Known Skills: Reading, Shield skills

Birthplace: The May’Kar capital in Faedrun

Appearance: Tall large man with glasses

Notable Traits: book in hand

I was born into the May’Kar dominion. My whole life I spent behind a book learning history and literature. I liked learning new things and had a thirst for knowledge so I never complained, though my parents pressured me to practice their religion. I never found the great faith that they had. I still followed and practiced our religion but my place was with the books and life was simpler that way. But as history tells us all, the undead roamed the land unchecked. At the age of 25 the May’Kar betrayal on Faedrun began. I was studying in the library at the Aldorian capital when word of the betrayal of my fellow May’Kar reached me. It was when my companions and I were placed in the cells of a deep Aldorian dungeon because they associated us with the May’kar who joined the ranks of the Penitent. My fellow companions and I lost hope and fell into despair.

The years passed and darkness began to consume me and my path to become a warrior had begun. Everyday I worked my body to be ready for the chance to flee. That day came when the guard that had held me in this cell for 18 years swung the door open and told us to flee. The sun burned my eyes as I reached the outside, but to my surprise my freedom came at a price. The arrows that rained from the sky took the life of the man that freed me. As I look around more bodies than I care to remember lay across the ground and the smell of the undead filled the air. The last of the survivors were gathering to mount a last defense. A woman in full plate commanded the survivors, her words still live with me today. “Brothers stand with me now! Follow me into the mouth of hell, let us crush the dead, show the monsters at our door that we still draw breath and until the last of us fall we will show them the strength, the strength of the living!” I was moved by her words, I grabbed a large red tower shield with golden wings and a boss in the center that was at my feet and ran to the wall. The waves of warriors outside crushed against us, her words gave me strength, but no matter how hard we fought death was upon us. The gates were breached and we pushed back to a final defence but we wouldn’t last the night. 25 of the warriors and myself remained, barricaded inside a armory near the center of the city. We looked out through the windows at the city burning. The night brought no comfort, the woman who lead the warriors tried to rally them into a final push- to try to make an escape but they had lost all hope. She begged them to fight to run to survive but words didn’t reach them. My first day of freedom in 18 years had been nothing but hell if I didn’t get to live. To pass this all that time I had spent in a cell was for nothing. I turned to her, “How do we live?”. Her voice that was filled with fear and sorrow now rose with confidence ”How good are you at swimming? If we can go from roof top to roof top we can make it to the river and drift down the stream and escape this hell.” We stacked the boxes high enough to get to the rafters and then she smashed through the roof with her axe. The sky cried as the city under it burned. We moved closer to the river going from roof to roof, trying to avoid being seen. There were hundreds of them their numbers would surround us in seconds if we were found. We finally made it to the river and made our escape. From then on I traveled with her, we found a boat and we made it across the sea to the new world. When we landed, we joined the crows guard but a new war had just begun.

Relationships: crows guard and the Rangers of Crows Landing

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