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Bella Shroom

PLAYED BY: Brenna Norton


GENDER: Female

PRONOUN(S): She/her

CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 26

RACE: Human


EYES: Hazel

OCCUPATION: The best damn cook this side of the Great Forest

KNOWN SKILLS: Cooking, Knives

BIRTHPLACE: Doesn’t get into it. She’s from a Village in Nightriver. Stop asking questions.

APPEARANCE: Usually wearing an apron or large gloves to protect from the fire, Bella is often clad in practical clothing to be ready to cook in any environment.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Would fight you for a potato. Doesn’t care if she’d lose if the potato looked tasty enough

RELATIONSHIPS: United Bulwark of Mardrun project (BoS) – Heard someone was looking for talented, brave people to help out in efforts along the Shield. Hate the thought of yall dying on an empty stomach or coming back after watching others die. Figured a good stew can go a long way.

RUMORS: Occasionally contacts the blackmarket for… harder to obtain ingredients. Just as likely to trade in food as with standard currency


Bella Shroom was raised alongside a roaring hearth and an abundance of food from what she can remember. Her early years on Faedrun are all but a memory as she grew and adjusted to the hustle and bustle that accompanies being a colonist on Mardrun living near Ulven territory. However, the land itself was healthy and invited all manner of flora and fauna to grow. All the nearby fields held herbs to season the meat the forest creatures gave, the water bubbled up to become stew and mead, and even the cool air helped keep food fresh for longer. Alas, she had to outshine the cooking she grew up with and decided to travel nearby townships and cities seeking new recipes and flavor combinations. All in search of her final destination – a town full of flavor so enticing she hoped to never leave.

Her travels took her far and wide, but never settling in any place for two long. Newhope, Aylin’s Reach, Bladehome… all manner of Ulven townships bringing forth unique and delicious dishes graced her travels. Occasionally, she’d stop by the small home at the border of Clan Nightriver and Newhope to check in with her parents and share some of the more interesting recipes discovered along the way. Food is best seasoned through sharing with those you care for and those you stand against opposition with – something Bella learned rather quickly during her travels in more dangerous climes.

Hearing of recent calls to aid for Clan Shattered Spear pushing back the Mordok Bella pivoted her interests: perhaps on the frontlines of battle her blooming skills could be put to the test; her skills to the skillet. Bella joined the effort under the United Bulwark of Mardrun and started the long journey north to feed those poor, flavor deprived soldiers. Her goal is simple: give a spark of light to those burdened by the defense of Mardrun through the warmth and comfort of home cooking.

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