PLAYER NAME: Hannah Anderson
GENDER: Female
AGE: 36
RACE: Human
CLASS: Rogue
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel
BIRTHPLACE: Kingdom of Aldoria
APPEARANCE: Sturdy and practical, Aurelia prefers comfort over fashion and usually wears a white apron
over any outfit.


Aurelia was born in 235 in the Kingdom of Aldoria. Born to a family of bakers, her life was a peaceful one, learning the trade of baker. In 253 when she turned 18, Aldoria was overrun, and her father was lost. Aurelia and her mother Isabella managed to escape early to the colony of New Aldoria, though not without consequences. Isabella became very Ill soon after reaching their new home and Aurelia started apprenticing at a local tavern, run by a greedy man who stole her tips, and allowed far more poking and prodding by patrons than she was comfortable with, which Aurelia put up with having made a deal with the owner that she would take over the Tavern in the coming years. The money she made barely kept a roof over their heads and wasn’t enough to heal her mother. When her mother died in 258, the owner of the tavern offered to take Aurelia in, only to have her watch his children when she wasn’t working. The last straw was when the owner took on a young male apprentice in 260 and she overheard him making the same deal with him that she had been given.
With no ties or loyalty left to the colony of New Aldoria Aurelia (now 25) set out to find somewhere where people say what the mean and mean what they say. Where an honest day’s work makes you a living wage, no strings attached. While traveling, she ran into Belterra, an enterprising 12-year-old ulven in 262. Unwilling to let the child travel alone, and pleased with the blunt honesty of her youth, Aurelia chose to travel with her until they
both found somewhere they could settle down for good.

Aurelia doesn’t give her trust easily. Life has taught her that words mean nothing without action to back them up. People are usually only looking out for themselves and finding someone who is
honest and kind is something to hold on to. Once her trust is earned, it is absolute and unquestioning, though only 2 people now hold that honor. Being a barmaid that long has taught her to smile no matter what and to appear friendly and welcoming, no matter how she feels personally. Her experiences with harassment make her fiercely protective of those around her. Her tavern may entertain escorts, but she runs it with a friendly face, a no-nonsense attitude and immediate and direct expulsion of any patron that looks to exploit her and hers. Treat her and hers right and we won’t have a problem.

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