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August 270

The heat of summer beats down on Mardrun, however life thrives on the continent with crops growing well and the lives of the people who live there having more than just the recent summer festival to gossip about.

While bandits were once plaguing the Riverhead Lands, they now instead pester the surrounding areas, such as the Great Wolf Hackles, and Clans Nightriver and Goldenfield. While the majority of the bandits went south, the resistance from the Goldenriver Alliance has definitely slowed their progress and any hopes of planting a firm foothold in the area.

Hot gossip starts to fill the streets of the colony of Davin’s Reach as a couple of noted Knights drew steel and began to duel in the streets. It seems that a Knight from New Aldoria insulted a Knight of Davin’s Reach patron whom they carried their favor. The duel lasted for a solid fifteen minutes before the guards could pull them apart. No blood was spilled but many felt a call back to the days in Vandergon and the days when Knights went questing to prove their prowess and honor. 

News spreads down from a group of loggers from Clan Axehound of finding an ancient oak grove in the Great Forest. As they went to swing the first axe, they said it felt as if the woods stirred and went silent as the grave. When the group tried one more time, the noise of wind and insects vanished once more, this time accompanied with an eerie creek from the tree in front of them. The group left and came back with a Daughter of Gaia from the nearby village and found it to be an ancient ritual site of the Ulven. As for what it was used for and what is contained, they can only begin to wonder. 



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