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August 266 – News and Rumors

Much to the ire of Clan Nightriver, Haygreth Grimward has once again pressed his luck by moving a substantial number of warriors into the Great Wolf’s Hackles, defying the treaty he had signed two winters prior. Grimward warriors were met with grudging tolerance by colonists and their supporters, with tensions kept subdued seemingly only due to the mutual enemy the groups shared in the Mordok. The combined efforts were able to strike a number of decisive blows against the creatures, however, forcing Branthur to acknowledge the role Grimward played in retaking the mountains.

Rumors have begun to spread of progress on the cure for the creeping corruption, though little has been confirmed at this point. A whisper here, a guess there is all it has taken to spread like wildfire in hushed tones. Those largely unaffected by the corruption have expressed their relief that such suffering will surely be brought to an end soon enough. The reaction among the corrupted and their families, however, is a little more divisive. While many are eager to be cleansed and are optimistic for the news, others grumble about the lack of transparency among the powers working to develop the cure. They want answers, and they want them yesterday.

Refugees from Clan Riverhead continue to search for new homes while their lands remain in the hands of the Mordok. Some have taken to Grimward and Shattered Spear, eager to strike back against the invaders. Others have settled in Nightriver or Stormjarl lands, hoping to blend in and regain some semblance of a normal life. Still others have taken up hammers and plows with Clans Ironmound and Goldenfield: they may not be warriors, but they can still provide the tools of war needed to win.

Clan Goldenfield has made clear their intention to work tirelessly to harvest food for the coming months. Between the movement of displaced refugees, constant battles against the Mordok, and fear of a cold winter, they hope to stand ready to provide for the needs of Mardrun. They are requesting assistance in the form of military or economic units to protect and distribute the harvests. They are also willing to pay laborers who agree to work their fields in the effort of yielding the greatest harvest recent history has seen.

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