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Audreanna Delamore


CHARACTER NAME: Audreanna Delamore

GENDER: Female


CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 35

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Brown.

OCCUPATION: Herbologest. Member of the Guardians of the wall

TRAITS: Skilled in living off the land. Self sufficient in wilderness survival, hunting, herbology Ext….

BIRTHPLACE: unknown, possible Vandergon Area descent.

APPEARANCE: I appear very forest savvy. I travel light and have been known to keep herbs and furs on me from time to time. Never seen far from my bow.

RELATIONSHIPS: the Guardians of the wall.

RUMORS: Prefers to be in the wild then in villages and towns.


My story begins on the old continent. As far as I can remember I was an orphan. I have no memories of my birth parents. When I think back as early as I can, I just remember being lost or alone. I was adopted several times and moved from family to family but I never felt like I fit in and would oftentimes be sent away or abandoned. I spent most of my childhood in this every changing state and it left me with a longing to have a real family. Years would go by and eventually I found myself under the care of Haymitch, an old hermit who lived deep in the woods. He was the first person in my life that made me feel like I wasn’t completely alone. He was a strange old man and I found him odd at most times but when it came to nature he was very dedicated. He taught me how to live off the land and what I could and could not eat. The dangers of certain plants and how to avoid them came in handy a lot throughout life and I will always cherish the long summer days we had together learning all the different varieties of plants and how to properly harvest them. I was devastated when he passed away, just another cruel trick of fate to play on me.

A few more years would pass as I traveled from home to home, lost again in the everchanging hustle and bustle of life. I would next find a home I would really consider to call a home when I was taken in by Ellieandrin, an ex Vandergon marksman. She was a fierce warrior and was expertly trained with a bow. She was stern and unlike Haymitch who was very carefree, lived by a code and forced discipline and order into my life. I learned quickly under her tutelage and soon became proficient with the bow as well. I would use my training to hunt and defend the land from dangerous animals. Though harsh and stern, Elle was also kind and thoughtful in her own way and was the closest thing I would come to having a mother figure. I lived with her until the undead took the old continent from us and forced us from the land. I lost Elle in our escape and for all I know she didn’t make it. I was forced to board a ship and found myself arriving on a strange new land.

I took the training I had gained and left civilization behind. I took to the forests of Maudrun and made them my home. I lived off the land and kept to myself. It was a peaceful life but I still felt like I was missing something. I lived this way for years until one fateful day while I was hunting, a group of Mordok found me. I was surrounded and outnumbered, I had finally become the prey. I fled but they were quicker and it wasn’t long till they were within striking distance. I burst from a thick patch of woods and ran straight into a wall. I was dazed for a moment and that’s when the wall moved and it wasn’t a wall at all but a massive shield held by a tall man in full armor. He had friends with him and they immediately formed a wall of shields between myself and the Mordok pursuers. I quickly recovered and with a wall to defend me I let loose my arrows and the Mordok were dispatched. I thanked the strangers who had helped me and they introduced themselves as Stanley, Zenteagan, and Aladrin, Guardians of the Wall. We talked for a short while and they quickly gleaned that I was alone and had no real home or family. They offered a solution. Come back with them to their home of Shieldhaven. I had never heard of the place but they said it had walls and I would be safe there. I didn’t feel like I needed their help to feel safe but they were kind and a place to call home seemed like an intriguing idea. I took them up on their offer and soon found myself calling Sheildhaven my home. I quickly got to know the Guardians and it wasn’t long until I was a full fledged member. I was finally home and with people I could call family.

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