Played by: Trina Anderson
Name: Astera
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Physical Traits: Green eyes, Blond hair, 5’9″
Skills: archery, sword and shield

As the colonists settled in on their newly acquired land, they had much to do. Farms for food, cities for the dwindled nobility. Such nobility as the Prince Aylin, wanted much farmland, though markets still slow as they are, many such families have been quite poor. Many couldn’t make ends meet no matter how hard they tried, the lands were taken as tax and given up to the nobility as compensation. This is the area where Astera was born, her father Diminicus, was considered a master farmer back on Faedrun, but the land they tilled now wouldn’t give anymore. As the years passed and Astera grew older the land they had dropped farther into a debt. Pulling themselves out seemed near to impossible. At ten, her mother came ill with fever unable to tend to her mother for Ilenia

As winter months grew near the food they had stored for themselves dwindled. Diminicus taught his daughter to hunt, as he taught her, they found she had a natural talent for archery, though as they kept going and evaded winter with the food from hunting her mother, Ilenia, started teaching her as well. Sword and shield became her secondary fast, and in much of the time not tending the fields or patching holes in clothes, her and her mother would be out in the yard doing battle.

As she learned her little brother, Nicon, became quite the rascal, jumping out of nowhere to attack her with sticks and twigs, shouting befuddled riddles about being an assassin. As they played their games, harvest time came quickly, but it couldn’t fill the coin needed for winters cold months. Astera took to the cities, a few days every week, stealing what coin she could get from those their, she was good at it. But it wasn’t ever enough to sustain the family, hunting became harder as the moose, and elk moved their grazing lands. The mordok had taken to eating much of the livestock, leaving little for them. Crops didn’t harvest well, and Prince Aylin’s supervisors, took their farm. In a burst of anger, Astera had taken up her sword, against the Supervisor, a rash decision of her split second break in the mind. Being met with hostile guards she quickly pulled herself away and back to her family. In the week they had to vacate the house they left many belongings behind. Turning to relatives in Aldoria they took up helping them with the shops and their own homes. Her pride hurt, Astera left, to find something to do, something that would earn her money and allow her to get the farm back. On her movement north, she found herself surrounded by people cloaked in green. Silent and swift on their feet she hadn’t noticed them til they were upon her. Hence, she met the Rangers, her current family.

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