Name: Artyom (AKA: Swabby The Deck Hand)
Played By: Cole Potter
Age: 18
Race: Human
Class: Mage

Artyom was born in Faedrun but he is not sure what Kingdom his parents originated from. He was a war orphan and made the trip across the ocean when he was very young. He grew up in New Oarsmeet on Mardrun where he had lived a simple life as a merchant’s assistant and dreamed of adventure and glory as most young men do.

He discovered his ability with magic during a Mordok attack. The Mordok had rushed him and Artyom threw his hands in front of him and threw the Mordok into the air and against a nearby tree. After that day he practiced with his magic which had added excitement to his life but after a while his thoughts strayed toward adventure.

He set out to find this adventure by offering his services to Bloody Anne Cash as a deckhand on the ship the Blue Ruby, he knew of her distrust of mages so he kept that out of the conversation. Soon after he started working on the ship his ability to use magic was found out and he was afraid of being kicked off the crew via the plank, however he was allowed to stay as long as he didn’t harm any of the other crew.

After being a part of the crew for a while Anne allowed him to come along on some raids, but for the most part he stays on the ship and cleans with his mop which he carries with him quite often. He often looks to Mad Morty for advice, even though he doesn’t listen to it, mainly to feel involved with the goings on of the crew. Artyom is an agreeable person for a pirate but still most prefer not to enjoy his company except his fellow pirates.

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