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Artorias Fallen-Cry

Name: Artorias Fallen-Cry
Played By: Allan Derge
Age: 37
Race: Human
Class: Cleric


Artorias Fallen-Cry is the oldest of his brothers, although the second, Dimitri, is only a few months behind him. From a young age, Fallen-Cry children are taught to refer to themselves as “Lapsis Ordinis”, an ancient translation of their present name, as an indication of their rank and bloodline, a title reserved for use among the brothers themselves.

The Fallen-Cry family lived in the kingdom of Vandregon of the old continent. Artorias did not want to devote his entire life to the military so instead he became a priest and was well liked by most of the people. Told as a child of the knowledge and wisdom of the Mahsai, Artorias managed to convince his parents to allow him to study in the May’Kar Dominion, bringing Dimitri with him. For two years he trained in the divine discipline of magic, his ambition tempered by his training, his patience fueled by his youth. It wasn’t till the Undead started to attack the May’kar that Artorias took to combat, drawing a sword and donning a shield. Despite being a Priest for most of his young adult life Artorias learned to be a average fighter. Many including Artorias saw him as a holy warrior. His brother Dimitri even took to calling him a “Templar”, referring to an order of highly skilled holy warriors told in the Fallen-Cry Family’s religion. He grew to be a capable fighter, though his ambitions grew in other areas: he took up blacksmithing to help him pass the time and started having thoughts of breaking away from the May’Kar to start a group for him and his family.

When the May’Kar experienced a mass conversion to the Penitent faith, Artorias and Dimitri were able to escape the city with their lives, though the betrayal would remain with the eldest Fallen-Cry brother as a source of constant distrust. Wandering with his brother through Vandregon territory for a year, Artorias finally made his way home, eventually allowing himself to relax and settle down in his old homeland. For five years, he contributed what he could to the war effort, healing those who were in need, or repairing their armor for a small fee. All was well for these years, until the war reached his doorstep. The Penitent and Undead had ravaged the nearby countryside, and their now-swollen ranks eventually forced the Fallen-Cry from their home, pushing them ever deeper into Vandregon lands.

This would continue for five years, allowing the Fallen-Cry to settle down just long enough to feel hope before pressing them again, and before long, the future for the family looked bleak. One day, however, a courier arrived for Artorias, informing him of a new continent across the sea, free of the undead plague. Practically emptying the family coffers and his own savings from blacksmithing, Artorias secured a ship for his family to cross to this new land.

Artorias and his brothers attempted to protect their family on this journey, and nearly failed at their task. Losing more than half of their numbers by the time they reached the boats, Artorias had fallen in a deep depression. Feeling that he had failed at what he stood for, Artorias vowed to never let the same thing happen again, swearing an oath to remain vigilant at the shores of Mardrun, protecting this new home from the scourge of undeath.

He is technically the Head of the Fallen-Cry Family. Although no one disputed his claim to the title, he prefers to involve his brothers on all decisions regarding the Family. He struggles to accept the loss of his family and his homeland, intent on safeguarding whatever remains that he can call his own, although this, at times, clouds his judgement. Artorias holds himself to a high standard, often struggling with inner demons. He is a diplomat at heart, preferring to use reason to solve misunderstandings, but does not shy away from his training as a warrior and understands that in a brutal world, there are times when violence is the only voice that will be heard.

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