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Arland Stormjarl – [Renowned]

PLAYED BY: Brian Maas
CHARACTER NAME: Arland Stormjarl
CLASS: Rouge
AGE: 68
RACE: Ulven
HAIR: Grey/Brown
EYES: Blue/ gray

OCCUPATION: Blacksmith

BIRTHPLACE: Clan Stormjarl lands

APPEARANCE: Older Ulven who has seen a lot of seasons, slow walker

RELATIONSHIPS: Fritha Stormjarl : Daughter, Thrand Stormjarl: Son in law, Afkarr: Son, Elise: Niece (but I call her my daughter)

I have a story for you you might want to have a seat. I came from a long line of wealthy landowners; I was proud of my plot of land and place in Clan Stormjarl society. My father gave me the love of the land and taught me how to care for it. It was a simple life, but a content one. He taught me how to use a bow to keep our livestock safe and how to keep our equipment running like our water wheel and windmills. My father had a great knowledge and helped our neighbors maintain their mills.
I met my mate when I was 18 and I have been with her for 48 seasons. It took us a while to get our first child, a daughter; Fritha. She is the light of my eye. She took to fighting like a fish in water… the equipment maintenance- not so much. We had 2 boys after her. It was a contented life.

Fritha left, going South to help the fight when the “others” came to our land. Human and Syndar they were called. When she came back, she had a suiter interested in her. After a while, she decided that he was hers. Thrand is her chosen mates name, and while no one will ever be good enough for her, I will always respect her decision. He has grown on me over the years. They have a strong will to help others and they both joined Pack Longfang to learn how to fight and to help defend our lands against the Mordok.

In the year 262 Haygreth and Clan Grimward took that life from me. They also took many friends hostage or killed them outright. Me? I was one of the former, taken in after a fateful raid. They hit hard and they hit fast- It was chaos. They took us to Grimward territory and made us work their land. I had part of my family with me. My mate, two sons and my niece’s mate. They allowed us to stay together, but I feel like it was a manipulation. We would be less likely to leave if we couldn’t all leave together. They were right. I had most of my family here with me, I didn’t want to chance leaving them and getting punished for it.

My captors were not cruel to us, nor overly violent, but they were not afraid to remind anyone that they had taken our lands and that we were “owned”. We were not allowed to live and prosper fully. A deep hatred of Clan Grimward has been planted in me during that time. When a treaty was signed and Stormjarl was left out of it- Grimward was sure to let us all know that we were forgotten, and no one cared about us. Weren’t these the “others” that my daughter risked her life to help? And now when we needed help they abandoned us. May the Great Wolf be deaf to their names.

After four, or was it five years? We couldn’t stand it anymore. Our partial family talked constantly of getting one of us out of here. We knew that Thrand and Fritha was at Pack Longfang. We knew Elise went to visit her and was therefor hopefully saved they fate we were in now. If one of us could get to them and let them know where we were.

That day came in the fall, they were moving us to another farm to help with the harvest and I will let you know I am not a fast walker. I fell further and further behind and no one noticed. With a loving look to my mate I faded into the bushes. Now, to find Fritha and to get the rest of my family back.


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