Played by: Tim Cochrane
Name: Aram as-Khani im-Brana-Weithe ór-Nalta Isaldi-nor-Eftim (short form of full name)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Tea house proprietor
Birthplace: Beneath the stars in the deserts of the North
Appearance: A small goatee, thin lenses for his eyes, and sets of bells braided into his hair. His turban and robes are accented with blue.
Bio: Aram is a member of the Kae’Rim people, a small group of scattered tribes located in the May’Kar Dominion. Despite living in the Dominion, they considered themselves separate from the ruling powers, content to wander the deserts according to the precepts of their religion. Aram, along with his Mhitar, Orim, left the Old World at the urging of his tribe. After sailing to the New World, Aram spent some time traveling the continent before arriving at the New Hope colony, learning of the various medicines and restoratives used by the Ulven people, displaying a great interest in their culture and legends.

As with all traditional Kae’Rim, Aram’s full name is quite long and complex, used only in formal introductions and detailing his deeds, role in life, and history. The shortened full version can be broken down into several parts: “as-Khani” is the form used to describe a religious scholar and is loosely translated as “priest” into the Common tongue. “im-Brana-Weithe” indicates that he takes the role of Fire and Earth in most of the rituals performed by a Kae’Rim cleric. “ór-Nalta” tells of the tribe he originally came from, with the “ór-” prefix indicating that he is in good standing with his tribe but is currently separated from them and likely to start a new group. “Isaldi-nor-Eftim” is his familial name, combined with that of Orim’s, indicating that he is bonded with her and that they are no longer of their individual families.

Privately, Aram wishes to learn more about Ulven cultural and religious customs, as he has been struggling to interpret several passages from the Third Book of the Kae’Rim, which indicates another related god to the West. In most religious artwork of the Kae’Rim and in one of their oldest legends, the Four Gods are depicted as loyal hounds, and so he has begun to suspect that the Great Wolf of the Ulven people may be the one who was spoken of in that prophecy.

Aram tries to be friendly and open, offering drinks to any who walk near his traveling tea house, the Desert Hound. While he carries a sword, he is far from proficient in its use, owning it solely as a deterrent from random brigands. It has proven somewhat effective so far, but he has yet to stray from larger groups of other humans.

Relationships: Mhitar (Word, suggesting a pair devoted to the full worship of the Four Gods) to Orim
Rumors: Aram is currently undergoing a spiritual crisis due to his injury of a living creature (in this case, a Mordok). He has promised Rhodi that he will distill a powerful poison if the required materials can be delivered to him. He may provide aid free of charge to anyone who brings proof that they are fighting against the undead. He will pay for any information on the Mordok and their origins, as he is currently writing what he hopes to be an addition to the Kae’Rim religion on the nature of these creatures.
“oh yes the human from the sea of sand, he’s one ofurge humans I like, the tea is good too.” -Stanrick longfang

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