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Amalia Nordstoga

Player: Megan Winn
Name: Amalia Nordstoga
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Race: Ulven
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Grey
Class: Warrior

I am Amalia Nordstoga and hail from the pack Forestheart of the honorable clan Steinjottun.
The pack itself is mainly made up of warriors due to our proximity to the Axehound border.
Historically, Forestheart has always guarded this border. Yet, because of the war and the
creation of the shield of Mardrun the has now been charged with training warriors to send the
For all my life I’ve lived in one of the pack’s northernmost villages on the cusp of the Great
Forest. My parents have served their duty as protectors of the border settled down in this village
to train the next generation of warriors. Together they taught my twin brother, Vanir, and I to
fight, to survive, and to bring honor.
Since we were born my father would joke that Vanir and I were as inseparable as lightning and
thunder. If you saw either one of us you could assume the other was not far. Yet as fate would
have it our father died when we were older and our widowed mother was too heartbroken to
continue our training. As the firstborn, Vanir, took the mantle as head of the house and became
a protector of the border. As for myself, I continued my training as an apprentice warrior under a
family friend.
However, a year ago many of the young able bodies of our village left together to join
Steinjottun’s call to arms against the mordok. Vanir, dreaming of honoring our parents’ legacy,
left with them. Being one of the few young adults to stay behind I was forced to turn attention
away from fighting to caring for the village. In that time nurturing the young ones and caring for
the elders.
But a year has now passed and so has our mother. I haven’t heard from Vanir in months nor do
any of those that have returned know what has become of him. I wish I could say I know in my
bones that Vanir is alive but I don’t.
The chief of Forestheart had witnessed me despite my sorrow continuing to care for the village,
they recognized all that I had lost and all that I could become. So, at my request they let me
leave with my honor to find my place in this world without my family, without Vanir.
I am Amalia, last of my kin, I carry my mother’s shield, my mentor’s sword, the memories of my
father, and the honor of my brother. Before I die, I will continue to aid all that I can and slaughter any Mordok that crosses my path.

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