Al Mo’alej

Al Mo’alej

Played by: Paul A Peterson

Contact info:; Paul Vago Peterson on Facebook

Character Name: Nasir ibm Halim al Mo’alej al Kae’Rim

Character Name(Meaning): Nasir(helper), son of Halim(patient, tolerant, mild), the healer, of the Kae’Rim

Gender: Male

Class: Cleric

Age: 47

Race: Half-Syndar(using Syndar mechanics)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Healer

Known Skills: Healer, Liason between Ul-Brana tribe and May’Kar of Mardrun

Birthplace: An oasis in the May’Kari desert.

Appearance: Slightly taller than 6 foot, with slightly pointed ears. Clean shaven.

Notable Traits:
Does not carry a weapon
Believes in the sanctity of all life
Will try to heal all wounded, allies or enemies
Believes that true healing comes from within as well as without

Backstory: I remember it well. The tribal elders told us Ul-Brana tribe was to guide the Vandregonian army to the gates of Saresh to end the Risen King. They told us that by doing this, we were gaining passage to a new world, a world where the dead do not rise. We boarded a large ship and came to Mardrun after the Risen King fell.

When we made it to the new world, we heard the truth from the May’Kar refugees. The truth, that while the Vandregonian army did end the Risen King, they also slaughtered the residents of Saresh and destroyed the city. Our tribe has continued to travel in the area around Serai in Mardrun, attempting to right this wrong, and help the May’Kar in the new world make a place for themselves.

I have taken up my family skills. I tend to those wounded in fighting. I have given up my sword as the undead are no longer a threat to our lives, and we no longer have need for fighting them. I now focus all of my skills on fighting undo death, for all life is sacred. This fight, I know is one I cannot win, but I must not allow another slaughter.

In one of my early visits with the traders in Serai, I met a Syndar in red and black, by the name of Rindis. In our travels we continued to cross paths until finally, I asked her to join my tribe. She agreed to leave her tribe, the Phoenix, and join the Kae’Rim, where she now assists me with healing the wounded, and tending to the ails that I have not yet mastered.

I feel that true healing does not start until your mind, body, and soul are as one. Unity in these are foremost to purity. I will strive to remain pure to the end of my life.

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