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Al-Hassan Ibn Ahmad Al Saresh

CHARACTER BIO: Al-Hassan Ibn Ahmad Al Saresh, or Al-Hassan.

PLAYED BY: Andrez “Peanut” Beltran

CONTACT INFO: Andrez Beltran on Facebook.

CHARACTER NAME: Al-Hassan Ibn Ahmad Al Saresh, or Al-Hassan


Al Hassan – the Handsome

Ibn Ahmad – Son of Ahmad (Much Praised)

Al Saresh – of the City of Saresh


CLASS: Cleric

AGE: Late 30’s

RACE: Human

HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

OCCUPATION: Seeker of Knowledge

KNOWN SKILLS: The ways of the Divine and Arcane arts, though not necessarily a practitioner of it.

BIRTHPLACE: Saresh in the May’Kar Dominon

APPEARANCE: Short; dark skinned; is typically in swathes of clothing and veiled.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Calm, never much raises his voice. Seeks to understand most viewpoints. Focuses on balance.

RELATIONSHIPS: None so much.

RUMORS: An open May’kar from Serai? Probably an Undead worshiper. All the others have been.


Al-Hassan Ibn Ahmad Al Saresh, or Al-Hassan was born in Saresh sometime prior to 230. He grew up in the City for his early childhood, but his recollections of it are sparse. He grew up with his parents who were scholars and teachers of knowledge. Time were hard as the Undead forces surrounded and besieged the Dominion. When the Bishop-King passed away, his parents lost heart. Taking an opportunity that presented itself, they left the Dominion for Vandregon.

When the Bishop-King rose, his parents rejoiced. When the Dominion turned to the Penitent, his parents mourned. They formed with the Mahsai of the True May’kar, but their hearts were broken. Both withered in the years after, becoming shells of their former selves. Al-Hassan was too young to know the Bishop-King, and only empathize with their loss.

When the chance came with the other True May’kar to make their way to Mardrun, his family took it. They followed Lord and Lady Al-Azarma to New Hope. There they settled, working in the community to teach and copy the knowledge saved.

When the settlement of Serai was found, Al-Hassan made the hard decision to make his own way there. The May’kar of New Hope we’re good to him, but were not his own. They were a past he never knew. He hoped to make a new future for himself.

The specters of the past are never far away. The great irony of Serai following their predecessors footsteps was not lost on him. He was Mahsai, and so was not one to outright reject differing ideas. The more he learned, though, the less he agreed with Al-Haddad and Bos Mezar position. He became withdrawn and sullen. The Gods no longer seemed to speak to him. His faith waned as Boz Mesar influence grew.

And then the Order of Arnath came, and his world changed in fire and death.

The Fist were strict but not heavy handed masters. As long as they were on good behavior the citizens of Serai were free to go about their normal lives. And go he did. He learned of this new God of Arnath. It was an interesting Path, but not one that naturally called to him. He listened for the God’s words in his ears, but never heard it. Over the years the words of many of the Gods grew silent to him.

When the Order Civil War occured, life changed again. More outsiders from the Fire Isle. They were an interesting bunch, reminding him of the bustle of New Hope. With that bustle brought news. The outside world had. The Lord Al-Azarma had passed. The Lady went into reclusion in Daven Hold, the Governess Katherine’s new domain. The May’kar influence in New Hope waned.

It took these visitors for Al-Hassan to realize that Serai, much as he had hoped, had not been his path. It was far too reclusive. He needed to return to the mainstream life of the colonies. When a delegation from Serai was set to go to Starkhaven, Al-Hassan went with. He had heard stories of the Order of Aranth’s library, and the Chapter of the Light even had opened theirs. Perhaps he could learn more on his trip there. The Order held no sway for him, but knowledge was good. There was a tradition much loss of the May’kar. One of service and righteousness. The Paladins. Perhaps if he sought their path he could find his way. And what better place to start than the home of Pious Crusaders.

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