Played by: Arron Singkofer

Name: Akyr

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Race: Human

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Things and such

Known Skills: First Aid

Birthplace: Faedrun

Appearance: Average Height, Pudgy

Notable Traits: None

Bio: I don’t exactly remember what happened to my family on Faedrun. I know my father, mother, and I made it out. I apparently might still have an older brother, along with a sister. Haven’t seen them in years.

I remember being sick a lot on the boat.

The first few years on the boat were “learning” experiences for me. I had to watch my mother stitch up my father more than she’s had to re-stitch my pants. When New Hope had settled, my mother found she had a knack for helping people stop hurting. My father, on the other hand, got into the tavern business and encouraged a couple of fights here and there. I got to practice my own stitching skills on the drunks after my mother taught me. After a bit, my father tried to branch out into underground things. Mostly getting some small time rumors, maybe a job to give out.

I didn’t find out the whole “underground” side of things until I started to work more heavily at the tavern. My father became ill for around a year so my mother would have me either taking care of my father while she worked at the tavern or had me work it while she took care of my father. When my father recovered, we’d both be working all day, though I’d spend half my day with my mother and the other half with my father.

I don’t live in New Hope anymore, I moved to New Aldoria. I took a job from my father to help with some caravan work. I only did a few trips with them; learned how to patch someone up quick and temporarily. I met quite a strange couple of people. I learned a lot from an old man and his grandson while I was in the caravan. I think the grandson’s name started with a B. I can’t recall it for the life of me, and I’m kind of glad I can’t. The old man was mild tempered but the young man was always angry. He was large and bear-like. But I talked to the injured mostly.

As of now I’m looking for some new faces to call friends, and to yell at when they get injured.

Mostly yell at when they get injured.

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