Aiden of the Phoenix

Played by: Justin

Name: Aiden

Race: Syndar

Bloodline: Phoenix

Gender: Male

Birthplace: May’Kar Desert

Age: 46

Known Skills: Lore, Thrown Weapons, Dual Wield, Appraise, Divine & Improved Divine Magic, Resources

Occupation: Self Employed Scout

Appearance: Medium build for a Syndar, Small by Human/Ulven standards. Wears red clothing and gold jewelry when he is able, but dresses for scouting when he is likely to scout. Small ears for a Syndar.

Relationships: Is in a committed relationship with Aislynn.


Aiden was born of the Phoenix in the year 215. Who his parents were is insignificant because the Phoenix raise their children as a community. Aiden always viewed himself as a child of the Phoenix, not a child of any two people. As a child Aiden was different. He didn’t fit in well with the other children and he never really knew why. He often found himself alone. This made him lonely, but he overcame it by learning to use his imagination and play by himself. He often wandered, letting his curiosity and imagination take him. Aiden would go on imaginary adventures filled with danger and excitement.

At age 10, Aiden was tested and found to have divine magic in his blood. He took his year of mandatory training and chose to continue beyond that year to become more skilled in magical powers. Attending magical instruction gave Aiden some socialization which he craved but seemed unable to get on his own. At the end of each term of instruction, Aiden always re-enlisted for the next term.

Living in the May’Kar Desert was not luxurious, but Aiden never wanted for more. He was always content with his canvas tent and modest lifestyle. He enjoyed the trading lifestyle and learned that an items value, while subjective, could be determined if you paid attention to the supply and demand.

Aiden was eager to help his community. By age 13 he was working alongside other Phoenix in the trade routes. It didn’t take long for Aiden to figure out where and how he could best serve his people. The trade routes were long and sometimes dangerous. In order to move many people, with heavy, slow moving cargo across a desert, scouts were needed. The scouts could check the way ahead to make sure the larger group didn’t walk into a trap or other dangerous circumstances. By age 15, Aiden was serving as a scout for the trade routes through the May’Kar desert. He was accustomed to being alone for long periods of time. He was small, fast, and sneaky; everything you could want in a scout. Aiden learned quickly to ditch the red clothing he loved so much for something that matched his environment. He learned to survive in harsh conditions, and to be self sufficient. Often times there was no one there to help if you got into trouble while scouting. He learned that he needed weapons that were light and fast, yet lethal.

At age 16, after making the journey through the May’Kar to their destination, Aiden found a weapon smith to trade with. He used the small amount of valuables he had acquired to purchase a pair of swords. Along with the purchase, the weapon smith gave him a small amount of instruction on wielding two swords of equal size. Aiden learned some basic principles of dual wielding, but this was not formal instruction. What Aiden learned was mostly how to make it look like he knew what he was doing with the swords and not hurt himself while doing it. Aiden’s true skill in swords was limited to hack and slash and he knew it. He learned he was most useful in combat as a distraction or when he could sneak behind an opponent and score a quick shot or two. When alone, Aiden rarely swung his swords at another living creature. When faced with danger he would hide, run, or sneak around it. He could lead an enemy away from the caravan and then elude them in the desert, but he knew he could not realistically beat an able bodied opponent in combat.

Aiden loved what he did as a scout. Unfortunately, his position within the trade business would be short lived. Shortly after Aiden’s 17th birthday, the Magis Yara returned from her journey of enlightenment with bad news. It was time to leave. Aiden was resilient. He didn’t mind having to go, but seeing the way this news divided his people and sent many into despair greatly saddened him.
As they Phoenix made their way east, they were treated very poorly. They often had to pay to be allowed passage through lands. When they finally reached the eastern coast, they had to hand over all that remained of their wealth to secure passage across the ocean. This taut Aiden a very important lesson that shaped who he would become in the not too distant future. It is far better to have, than to have not. For the first time in his life, Aiden felt poor. Not because he had no silver or treasure, but because he saw those things were all that mattered to many of “these people.” Listening to the people scoff at the “foolish phoenix” sailing away showed Aiden what he really was among them; an outsider.

The trip across the ocean was long and difficult. The other ship was lost. Aiden presumed they were all dead. The island they found was a great relief. A new start. Aiden quickly adapted to the new terrain. His scouting skills were very valuable.

In the year 261, when other people were discovered, and a group sent out to explore, Aiden was not chosen to go with. He was confused. Why would you not send a proven scout? It was like a flashback to his childhood; being left out. When the group came back with news of Crows Landing and a new continent, Aiden could not be held back. He saw opportunity for adventure. He also thought, perhaps an opportunity to make a real profit. One large enough he would never have to worry about being able to afford passage or a ship again.

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