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Aethelwulf Var Sulyvene

Character Name: Aethelwulf Var Sulyvene
Played By: Jared Helgestad
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue
Race: Serous Syndar

(Excerpt from the journal of Aethelwulf Var Sulyvene)

When I looked out from the small window below the deck of the ship I was on, I saw the smoke rising in the distance and could barely hear shouting on the shore in that small village. I had rose from my bed to get a better look I saw men in armor running around shouting orders.

Although I couldn’t hear them, I could tell what was happening; I knew it far too well. Orders for the soldiers, being shouted at by their superiors. I would be there with them if it wasn’t for the archer.

That damn archer…

If it wasn’t for him I’d be out there on that shore with my brothers and sisters and I wouldn’t have this damn breathing problem. Protecting the civilians as they were loaded onto ships, but instead I was wounded and deemed incapable of assisting in any capacity. So I was loaded onto a ship myself…

They wouldn’t survive…

There were not enough to fend off the numbers that were reported. They knew it too and yet they stayed to fight as I should have been. But I was left wounded and could not. I have always resented the fact that I was not there when they fell to the undead. I should have been there with my brothers and sisters fighting with them in the final moments of their lives.

I would not have made any difference. I know that…

But I would not have this guilt on my conscience. That is why I took the Rahd Noc.

I will NEVER let anything like that happen ever again. In the name of the Galendhidur and all those who gave their lives in defense of the innocents of Faedrun I won’t let it. I dedicate the life that was spared from death on that now forsaken land to this cause…

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