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Aesa Nightriver

PLAYED BY: Jessica Beardsley
CHARACTER NAME: Aesa (A – s – uh) Nightriver
GENDER: Female
PRONOUN(S): She/her
CLASS: Warrior
AGE: 25
RACE: Ulven
HAIR: Black
EYES: Blue
KNOWN SKILLS: Physical labor, Agriculture.
BIRTHPLACE: Nightriver Territory
NOTABLE TRAITS: Softspoken and a bit shy
Aesa grew up in a small farming village that was close to a day’s walk from the Settlement of New Hope. From a young age Aesa would fantasize about adventures and living a life more exciting that the one she was currently living. She would constantly pretend to fight imaginary enemies In between
chores. Often her parents would often scold her for getting distracted.
Aesa would continue living the Farmer life and would help deliver supplies and goods to New Hope. Every time they would go, she would become enamored with the lifestyle and commodities of the colonists. This only served to feed her desire to venture out and explore the rest of the world. Her family were not as thrilled with the idea. They didn’t want to see their daughter get hurt or end up abandoning their customs.
During the time of the Civil war Aesa longed to help and fight but her parents would talk her out of it. They would remind her that she was doing her part by supplying food to the ones fighting and to those seeking asylum in the territory. No matter how hard Aesa tried to be happy and content with
farming she couldn’t shake the need for adventure.
Eventually the Discontent became too much, and Aesa started saving up to acquire the equipment to start her journey. Her family tried desperately to stop her but her mind was set. Finally, the day came, and she packed up her stuff and set out for New Hope. Even though she didn’t have any
real understanding of the world outside of her community, Aesa was determined to see this through. Once at New Hope She quickly started buying gear and armor. She was convinced by a blacksmith to invest in metal armor because it can take more punishment than leather. She chose to outfit herself with a combination of metal and leather to get the best of mobility and protection. Once she had the gear, she was happy with, Aesa started working small mercenary jobs. This satisfied her for a while
but the drive for bigger things started to build again. She started listening to the local gossip and rumors.
She eventually started to move from location to location, following what ever rumors sounded the most like the adventure she was always seeking.
Aesa continues to do mercenary work and follow her love of adventure.

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