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Aaron Windspeak

PLAYED BY: Jaime Arreguin
CONTACT INFO: Afireseeker101@aol.com
CHARACTER NAME: Aaron Windspeak
CLASS: Warrior
AGE: 40
RACE: Half- Syndar
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
OCCUPATION: Militia of Starkhaven
KNOWN SKILLS: Archery, Blacksmithing, Camping, Survival skills
BIRTHPLACE: City of Seven Gate
APPEARANCE: Typically seen in a red Tabard over a dark colored tunic, dark
pants, dark boots, and an over the shoulder quiver.
RELATIONSHIPS: Lay Order Militia man of the Chapter of Light. Deceased
Human Mother. Syndar Farther left on Faedrun.
RUMORS: “They say Aaron and his Father had a falling out before he left. He
was told never to return…can you believe that”
BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY:  Aaron has discovered recently that the world
is an interesting place for a Half Syndar. Old among Humans but considered
young to Syndar, it is a tricky thing to find balance in the world. But through faith
Aaron has persevered.
Aaron grew up for most of what he could remember in the City of Seven
Gates. Aaron never knew his mother but grew up around his father, a Magis of
part of the city, and a Cleric. He grew up and explored the city along with many of
the other children but never quite fit in with them. Some of the caretakers of the
Syndar looked with pity upon him when they thought he wasn’t looking, but he
never truly knew why. He also felt great bouts of emotion and was quicker to
make decision then other Syndar children. That is why early in his childhood

Aaron took to the woods outside of Seven Gates and learn to hunt with a bow.
He became a great source of food for the Commune and it seem to help appease
some of the caretakers at the time.
But as Aaron grew up there were these feeling inside of him that he could
not explain. Feelings of Isolation and something more that was missing from his
life. As a child of a Magis, Aaron decided he would attempt to figure out these
feeling himself. He meditated and looked for answers among his Commune but
found none that satisfied his feelings. Then one day he was drawn to a clearing
far from the city. In this clearing were bones and pieces of equipment from a
battle long passed. Among the bodies were two books lying next to a body in a
tattered red tabard and great shield. While looking through them he discovered
that one was a forgotten tome of a Cleric of Arnath and the second copy of the
Path of Arnath. He felt drawn to both these books and took them home with him.
As he studied them both, Aaron felt a sense of completeness he had never felt
before. He studied the tome late into the evening and made a shocking
discovery. The tome was of a female cleric and that cleric was his mother. He
figured this out when there were mentions of his father fighting alongside this
cleric, and some of the shift in tone he read regarding him. She had fought many
battles against the undead that were plaguing the lands, and his father had
fought beside her a few times. When Aaron brought this up to his father, his
father denied it. But after Aaron showed him the tome, his father confessed and
explained more about their time together. How they fought against the undead,
fell in love and moved to Seven Gates when she became pregnant. A few years
after he was born, she had gone out to battle the undead that were starting to
make their way in the Syndar lands. His father had never known where she had
Aaron was lost with what to do with this information for a time, but an
opportunity arose a few day later. Word spread of an Order Cleric just outside the
city, speaking with some of the smaller villages nearby. When Aaron heard about

this, he packed some supplies and headed off to meet the cleric. After following
the trail of this cleric for a few days he caught up to him just outside Syndar
Lands in a human village on the border. At first Aaron was afraid to approach this
man, as he had been warned about the Order and their views on Syndar.
However after watching this Cleric for a bit he noticed how kind and charismatic
he was to everyone, including a few Syndar that happen to live there in the
village. Aaron learned that the cleric was a Griffin with the Chapter of the Shield,
a more protection-oriented order of the Order of Arnath. So, with some
trepidation Aaron approached the man. Despite Aaron’s appearance the cleric
decided to listen to him and see what he wanted. Aaron explained about his
mother and even showed the Tome to him. He explained how he had never quiet
fit in with all the Syndar back at the city and that he wanted to seek purpose and
connection elsewhere. He asked for guidance from the Griffin. The Griffin thought
for a time and looked through the Aarons mother’s tome. The Griffin looked at
Aaron for some time and finally spoke.
“Seems to me that Arnath has called you to his service, perhaps you should join
me on my travels” the Griffin said to him. With these words Aaron felt a feeling in
his heart that he had never felt before.
“Would you teach me more about Arnath?” Aaron asked of the Griffin.
“This path you ask for will not be an easy one, there will be many trails and
hardships in following Arnath’s Path for one like you. Would you still want that
even knowing not everyone would accept you following Him?” the Griffin asked.
Aaron nodded his head vigorously.
“then there is much work to do”.
And with that Aaron joined Johnathan Mohr, Griffin of the Chapter of the Shield
on his journey through the Human and Syndar lands. During these travels
Johnathan taught Aaron about Arthan and his Path, about the Order and its
workings, and about the state of the War against the Undead. In exchange Aaron
helped maintain the Griffins equipment, hunted for food in between villages and

helped fight when the need arose. Eventually word had reached Aaron and
Johnathan that the Order was sending people over to a new land that had been
discovered and establishing a new Settlement there. Johnathan decided to go to
this new land to help defend the people from new threats may be there on this
new land of Mardun. Aaron decided to join him to continue his training and to
ensure that his mother’s final tome was brought to the new library that was being
With his Syndar ear covered and following behind his teacher, Aaron traveled
with many others to the new land. For a while Aaron assisted where he could.
Helping to maintain the equipment for the various chapters that had come to this
new Settlement of Starkhaven and hunting for food to ensure his own health.
Aaron was unable to officially join the lay order for some time due to some of the
older Orders xenophobic view. But in 265 Aaron heard rumors of a new Chapter
that had started to change these views and might just be the opportunity to
officially join. Aaron followed up on these rumors, and with the help of Griffin
Johnathan, was able to join shortly thereafter. Now with a few years of training
among the forces of the militia, Aaron has recently been assigned as a lay order
member of the Chapter of Light. What further trails await Aaron with this new
calling from Arnath. Aaron is unsure but he knows through Faith that he will

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