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The Kingdom of Lairthuduil

Lairthuduil: Lairthuduil is the third largest Syndar Kingdom in terms of population, and second largest in terms of territory. The people of this kingdom are revered for their ability to grow and nurture plants and herbs. Even the roofs of their homes are used to grow plants. The terraced gardens and fantastic irrigation systems of Lairthuduil are a thing of wonder. Every possible space that can be used to grow vegetation is utilized. Clay planters are sculpted into walls, and pipes, chutes, and gutters crisscross overhead, entwined in beautiful ivies and vines. The walkways are made from clay and cobblestone, and lined with ornately sculpted terra-cotta figures and sculptures that also serve as planters. Beautiful flowers line every path, masterfully arranged by the most revered gardeners on Faedrun. Even the most humble farmstead in this kingdom is a functional work of art, and the pride of the commune that lives there. The chief exports of Lairthduil are, naturally, produce and medicinal herbs. The people are practical and down to earth. A life of honest, hard work in the fields has bred a strong and hardy people, almost all of whom, as farmers, favor Solar. They are not an aggressive people, but are capable of defending themselves if the need arises.
New World:
Lairthuduil was one of the first kingdoms of the Syndar to be overrun by the Undead. They held out for a while, but the relentless press of the undead armies eventually crushed all resistance and the fabled gardens of paradise burned. Many refugees from Lairthuduil fled with whatever they could quickly harvest and carry. Some joined up with the army of Tielorrien and fought to the death against the undead on the Old World. Others made it across to the new world on refugee ships, carrying with them the seeds of life on Faedrun. These scattered survivors wander the New World planting herbs, trees, and flowers from their homeland

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