Experiment Log—Al Mafajjar
Experiment Series: 1,372
Experiment No.: 001
Target: Subject 1-S, known as Manetho
Race: Syndar, Feral

Initial Observations:

Subject 1-S has a troubled past and fear of magic. Has severe mental blocks inhibiting access to mana, and mind may be disconnected from the mana stream due to said blocks. Slow introduction to be followed by slow reintroduction to mana should work. Meditation will be required to reconnect. Arcane energy also required to bridge gap. Subject will be resistant to procedure. Caution necessary.

Dangers of Procedure:

97% Success

1.5% Mental shutdown from stresses

1.5% Violent cerebral deconstruction

Subject’s strong mind should guard against most dangers, but failure still possible.

Should failure occur, must deal with 1-S’s human companion, Erasmus. Lethal force may be necessary but should be considered a last resort.

Lingering corruption possible, but unlikely. Mental tampering should not trigger corruption symptoms.

Update: Time is running short. Will have to resort to forceful tactics. Mana flood and mana wash to eliminate block. No buildup in the body until it can take it.

Post-Experiment: Success! History is made today by the successful completion of this procedure. Subject 1-S has connected to the Mana Stream and now possesses magical energy within her body as all Syndar should. Reaction from subject as expected: mental trauma but no danger to her life. Subject 1-S is recommended for further observation in my facility to ensure there are no side effects; likely to be no substantial observation given the revelations to the world of the existence of the Transcended.

A great pity that minimal further work with 1-S is possible–the descent into magic of the subject would have been interesting to observe. Hawk contact must be maintained at any cost so that the experiment is not permanently terminated.

This may be a stage to reversing the Syndar hollowing process, whatever it may be. Much more work is necessary along with Hollowed subjects, willing or otherwise. May also be a method of easing the transition to magic of Ulven males. Subjects will still be necessary for the continuation of the work regardless of direction. Al Haddad must be notified of the need at a later time to begin preparing to accommodate said need.

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