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Event Pre-registration

    August 2022

    Do you have any allergies we should be aware of or record in case of an emergency?

    What are your travel/lodging plans for the event?
    Attending for the day only (driving home)Tent campingVehicle campingStaying in a hotel nearby

    What days are you signing up for?
    SpectatorMonster (1 day)Monster (2 day)NPC (1 day)NPC (2 day)PC (1 day)PC (2 day)NPC/PC Split (NPC first day)NPC/PC Split (NPC second day)NPC/Monster Split (NPC first day)NPC/Monster Split (NPC second day)Monster/PC Split (Monster first dayMonster/PC Split (Monster second day)

    If you are playing an NPC. What is your role preference?
    I did not sign up for an NPCCombat Focused: Passive/Follower/BackgroundCombat Focused: Social/Roleplay/InteractionsCombat Focused: Special/Story Arc Important RoleNon-Combat Focused: Passive/Follower/BackgroundNon-Combat Focused: Social/Roleplay/InteractionsNon-Combat Focused: Special/Story Arc Important RoleNo combat preference: Passive/Follower/BackgroundNo combat preference: Social/Roleplay/InteractionsNo combat preference: Special/Story Arc Important Role

    Are you planning on pledging Resource skills to influence this event?
    (You will still need to email in your details!)

    NoYes! I will send an email with details

    Special PC Involvement:
    The situation that is the focus of this event is a task force of the City-State of Newhope arriving to interact with Celestial Arragones. Their intent is to detain her and go through the court system. Celestial Arragones has stated she will not comply as she feels it is unlawful.
    PCs must choose what their intent is at this event; each one has expectations and is public, so people will know who supported which side.

    Siding with the City-State could lead to the detainment of Celestial Arragones and with gaining favor with the City-State but lose favor with the Celestial and has restricted pre-event setup. The PC will also be able to vote (see options below) on which "Task Force Countermeasure" they want to employ at this event. The countermeasure with the most PC votes will be implemented into the event mechanics and narrative, which are as follows:
    Recall Trap Ritual: Chance that recalling mages are drawn to an area, potentially controlling or removing the ability for mages to Recall away.
    Ambient Magical Defense Removal: Removes or dampens any special magical effects employed by the Celestial Arragones.
    Mercenary Contract Buyouts: Hire out or pay off local low-quality mercenary groups from taking the Celestial's security contract, making Mercs less likely to be a bigger challenge.
    Spies & Gather Info: Look into any dealings inside and outside of the City-State to learn more about who Celestial Arragones has been in contact with and to potentially have an "inside person" that could assist with securing magical research.

    Siding with Celestial Arragones could secure her magical research and gain favor with her but lose favor with the City-State and has easier pre-event setup options.

    Choosing the stance of neutrality doesn't make an impact with either side, but choosing neutrality and then switching sides later on is a viable option. However, this will very likely be viewed negatively by others and has restricted pre-event setup.

    I am signing up as an NPC and will go where neededMy PC is proclaiming neutrality in this situationMy PC is proclaiming support to Celestial ArragonesMy PC is proclaiming support to the City-State Council and choosing the Recall Trap Ritual countermeasureMy PC is proclaiming support to the City-State Council and choosing the Ambient Magical Defense Removal countermeasureMy PC is proclaiming support to the City-State Council and choosing the Mercenary Contract Buyout countermeasureMy PC is proclaiming support to the City-State Council and choosing the Spies & Gather Info countermeasure

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